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Meet Nathan Fillion. Know His Bio, Age, Parents, Career, Net Worth

Nathan Christopher Fillion was born 27th March 1971, at Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Son of Cookie(Early) and Bob Fillion, who are both retired English teachers, he is currently 49 years old. He has an elder brother, Jeff Fillion. He went to the Holy Trinity Catholic High School, Concordia University College of Alberta and University of Alberta, Canada.

Prior to his moving to New York City in 1994, he took part in Improv Theatre and improvised soap opera Die-Nasty. Later, he featured on a TV Movie Ordeal in the Arctic (1993) where he starred Richard Chamberlain and in Strange and Rich (1994).

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About Nathan Fillion Parents

Nathan’s parents, Cookie and Bob are both retired English teachers. He wanted to follow suit, with this career path which his older brother Jeff, himself followed, being a High School Principal and father to his daughters. Obtaining a role in One Life to Live, he dropped out of college. Jeff shares his brother’s passion for everything nerdy. They both enjoy a cordial and warm relationship.

Nathan Fillion Body measurements

He has a height of 6’ 1½” (1, 87 m) and weighs 71kg. His body size is 43 inches with blue-brown eyes, a fair skin and light brown hair color.

Nathan Fillion Career Details

His first role was on a daytime soap opera, One Life to Live (1968), as Joey Buchanan, for which he received nomination in 1996 for a Daytime Emmy Award.

One of his biggest and most remarkable roles was as Captain Malcolm Reynolds on the Joss Whedon’s Firefly (2002), where he gained acclaimed critic and a large number of fans. The Canadian American actor also does some vocals and sings quite well, as he has done in some of his multifaceted talented roles. With an extensive career like his, he has had the opportunity of receiving over 20 nominations and 13 actual wins of varied categories and capacities.

Is Nathan Fillion Married, Gay Or Dating Girlfriend Secretly?

The Aries Canadian TV actor is currently dating Krista Allen. They began dating in 2015 and have enjoyed a 4 years, 7 months and 3days relationship and are counting. They are both Aries which makes them relate even better, with their more peculiar signs being Aquarius, Gemini and Libra. Krista Allen like Nathan, is 49 years old.

According to sources from CelebsCouples, Nathan has previously had a total of about seven (7) relationships before this current one with Krista. He has been engaged to Mikaela Hoover (2013 -2014), Christina Ochoa (2014) and Vanessa Marcil (1996) and many more. Although he has no children yet, perhaps he anticipates doing so in the future.

Nathan Fillion Net Worth

The actor’s net worth is presumed to be around $18 million. This conclusion was influenced by his pay package during the filming of Castle, where he earned about $100,000 per episode. Although this isn’t the highest sum earned by the wealthiest TV star, it however is a hefty sum which suits the actor.


Author PJ Haarsma and Nathan Fillion co-founded their own charity organization in 2006. They called it “Kids Need To Read”. Its purpose and objective is helping to increase literacy and getting books out to underprivileged children by supplying tons of books to libraries which in one way or the other will meet the needs of the many children in this category.

The star has not been involved in any scandal whatsoever. He leads a quiet life and concentrates his energy on his work, passions and aspirations. Although he is of Canadian origin, due to work reasons, in 1997, he became a US citizen. He has seldomly been seen naked in a movie or during his numerous roles except for one nude scene which was revealing of a tattoo on his hip, covered by clothing still. Most of him could be seen in the episode called “Trash”.

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