Meet Paul Pogba Girlfriend Maria Salaues. Know Her Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary

The stunning and sensational Maria Salaues first rose to fame when she came into the limelight for being soccer star Paul Labile Pogba’s girlfriend. The relationship between the Manchester United midfielder and his beau, Maria, first came out in public in 2017. Since then, despite Pogba’s immensely popular soccer career, Maria has preferred to keep the relationship a private affair.

Learn exclusive details about Pogba’s sweetheart, a secret marriage and the new Pogba family member!

Maria Salaue Bio; Age, Parents, Siblings

Maria Zulay Salaues Antelo was born in the year 1994. Now 25, Maria is the youngest child of parents Ricardo Salaues and Karla Antelo. A Bolivian national, Maria was raised in the town of Robore, Bolivia along with her two older sisters, Gabriela and Carla. Both Maria’s sisters are professional models.

The famous celebrity-girlfriend belongs to an Amerindian ethnicity. Though she is often found travelling between Miami and Manchester, Maria’s current residence is in California.

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Maria perfectly complements her star partner with her glamour quotient and her vivacious appeal. She sports a reasonably moderate height alongside an eye-catching figure to go with her dazzling lifestyle.

Maria Salaues Dating Life, Secretly Married

Pogba and his lady-love have been known to be together since 2017, when they were seen hanging out with each other in Los Angeles. To the dismay of fans, the couple have been very secretive of their relationship so far. However, with their high-profile lives, it can be tough to maintain a low-key relationship. Rumors have been rife about the loving couple being secretly married.

Despite their secrecy, the star couple have been dropping cues in public lately, which have only served to raise questions over their current marital status.

On 23rd June 2019, Maria nearly confirmed the wedding when she revealed pictures of herself and her partner wearing clothes similar to wedding attire. Soon after, she appeared to change her name to Zulay Pogba across social media platforms.

In the same year, the couple were also spotted flaunting rings on their hands, when they appeared together on the red carpet for Manchester United’s ‘Player of the Season’ event. The rings caught media attention, only adding fuel to the rumors.

The loving couple have also had a son together in January 2019. Following the baby’s arrival, proud parent Pogba was seen performing a celebratory step at old Trafford after he scored a goal against Brighton.

Maria Salaues Career And Net Worth

Maria pursued her college education from the University of Bolivia, studying Business Administration. From a young age, she had a growing interest in fashion. She even won a crown as ‘Miss Expobellezain’ in 2012, at the age of 18 years. In 2015, Maria moved to Miami to pursue a career in fashion. She has served as a model for the brand ‘Ipanema Sandals’.

Little did Maria imagine at the time that her life would witness such a great turn towards fame and success in the coming years.

Maria’s soccer star-partner, Pogba has a massive annual income of $33 million and owns a fortune worth $85 million. With her boyfriend’s attractive financial status and her own stable income as a modeling professional, it is safe to assume that Maria makes more than an average model’s salary of $132,000 per year and has also achieved a considerable net worth.

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