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Meet Tomi Lahren Boyfriend Brandon Fricke. Know Her Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth

Tomi Rae Augustus Lahren, An Conservative (Conservatism is the United States is the political and social philosophy based upon the respect for American traditions and Christianity values) Political Commentator, Spokesperson and former Television host.

Tomi Lahren Bio: Age, Early Life, Education

She was born in Rapid City, South Dakota, US on 11th August 1992 (27 Years). She went to Central High School in 2010. She is the child of Trudy Lahren and Kevin Lahren. He got his graduating degrees in Political Science and Broadcast Journalism from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. She was an active participant in Political talks and seminars arranged by the University management during his graduation. She performed hosting and associate produced various political events and roundtable visionary talks conducted by University.

Tomi Lahren Career As Commentator And TV Host

Lahren got a surprisingly good start when he went for an interview to earn an internship in political commentary. He got hired by One America News Network (OANN) for hosting his TV show, which she started with the name “On Point with Tomi Lahren” which went on air for the very first time in August 2014. This was the start of his promising career as an anchor and TV show host. Another major turnout in his career was the popularity of his commentary on the Chittagong Shooting in July 2015 which got attention from all over the globe.

On the 19th of August a major announcement came from this rising Television host that he had completed his terms with OANN. She then migrated to Texas and got involved in his new TV show “The Blaze” and gained immense popularity for his invention in the domain of Political Commentary TV shows, a segment called “final thoughts’ in which he summarizes the core of his whole show very quickly around 3 minutes.

Time by time she gets popularity as he stepped into a political domain more than ever before by endorsing Marco Rubio for President in the Republican Party Presidential Elections. He made guest appearances on various TV shows for his views exchange and communication particularly in the political dimension; famous shows in which he appeared include “The Daily Show with Trevor Noah”. On March 17, 2017, she showed up on a show called “The View” in which she presented her mindset about modern-day women by expressing that women should be allowed to get aborted by their wish. She added further that she would be a hypocrite if she ever turns away from this stance. She got immense criticism from all over the globe for her this point of view and she was fired from her show “The Blaze” with no clearance of her Pay because the owner of that show was anti-abortion. Lahren filed a case against this act of Glen Beck (American Conservative political commentator and the owner of “The Blaze”) and later this dispute was settled to a point in which Lahren kept he Facebook page but she had to remove videos she made with “The Blaze”. After this accident she pushed off track and in May 2017, she tried to back on track with work in communications and then gradually promoted to “side gig”.

After that she returned to TV as a commentator and joined FOX News in August 2017. She now hosts a Talk Show on Fox Nation called “First Thoughts”.

Tomi Lahren Personal Life. Is She Dating?

Tomi Lahren got engaged to his boyfriend Brandon Fricke on June 30, 2019. They dated for long and posses many similarities in their nature. Lahren announced this engagement on his Instagram handle saying “I love you more and these are my final thoughts”. She remained a Controversial figure throughout his career. Announcing his engagement on Instagram she revealed that her fiancé contacted him Through Instagram Direct Message (DM) for the first time. She was one of the very few TV Hosts and Commentators who remained in news for their unusual doings and sayings. She also did Vlogging for his Facebook page which is very popular among his followers. Despite losing major content on his page in the form of “The Blaze” videos, the page is well grown.

Tomi Lahren Net Worth And Salary

Lahren is being paid by FOX News almost 6600 USD for her services and her net worth is around 3 Million US dollars.

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