Meet Whitney Scott Mathers Biological Father Eric Hartter. Eminem Adopted Daughter

On 16 April 2001, Whitney was born in St. Joseph, Missouri USA with zodiac sign of Aries. Her full name is Whitney Scott Mathers. she is an American celebrity child and social media sensation. Presently, she is 19 years old with long brown hairs; brown eyes and she always wear contact lenses and eyeglasses.

Meet Whitney Scott Mathers Body Measurements

She is 5ft 3ins tall and carries 58kg weight.

Who Actually Is Meet Whitney Scott Mathers?

She is the adopted child of very famous American rapper and songwriter Eminem’s. Real name of Eminem is Marshall Bruce Mathers III. He has three daughters named Alaina Marie Mathers and Hailie Jade and her mother’s name is Kimberly Anne Scott.

Whitney is not a biological daughter of Eminem’s. Eminem’s ex-wife Kimberly Anne Scott had Whitney with Eric Hatter, a tattoo artist, but she was later adopted by the Eminem. Presently Whitney Scott Mathers is staying with her two half-sisters and her father. Whitney is very close to her father and Eminem has always stated his daughter in his songs. Generally, Eminem is always curious about the relationship that he shares with his daughter. Presently, Whitney is appearing high school and taking online courses. She is also very good in academics. She is studding in High School and doesn’t earning any money, but according to authoritative sources, still she has the net worth of around $170 million.

Eminem And Meet Whitney Scott Mathers

Usually, Eminem keeps very soft corner about his personal life and mostly quiet about his private life, but he expresses his love for his daughter time to time. In 1999 Eminem got married with Kimberly after a long-term relationship and she gave birth of her biological daughter, Hailie in 1999. After divorce in 2001, Kim start dating with a tattoo artist Eric Hatter.

In 2002, Whitney was born from this relationship and in the same year, Eminem legally adopted Whitney. But Whitney has not met her biological father

Who Is Eminem?

On 17 October 1972, Eminem was born, in St. Joseph, Missouri USA and since 1992, he has been active as a rapper, record executive, record producer, film producer, songwriter, and an actor. The first album “Infinite” of Whiitney landed in 1996, and in 1997 his EP “Slim Shady” was released. In year 2002, He became worldwide famous with his releases of “The Marshall Mathers LP” and “The Eminem Show” in 2002. He got two Best Rap Album Grammy awards. He is still active today and constantly composes his new music and albums. In 2018, he makes his new album “Kamikaze” which was the bestselling album of the year.

But Eminem personal life was very troubled, with a long history of drug abuse and physical violence. He found Kim cheating on him. She has several relationships with other men, and this resulted into physical violence, for which he was booked by the police. His wife Kimberly also became a drug addicted and her boyfriend Eric was a criminal so that kim was not in the condition to raise her daughter Whitney. So this was the reason Eminem adopted Whitney. After adoption, Eminem and Kim start new relationship once again in 2006, but it also ended very badly.

More About Meet Whitney Scott Mathers

Whitney Scott Mathers now happily lives with her father and her two daughters in the USA. She is also blessed with grandparents. Eminem always efforts hard to keep her life private secrete because he always want that his children enjoy her childhood without any controversies and rumors. On the other hand, Kimberly also loves too much to her daughters like no other, even she had to tattoo their names on her Index Fingers.

Whitney has an excellent voice, which happens to accord with her great passion and love for music. Her father Eminem has allowed Whitney to follow her passion endlessly. She also loves her father unconditionally. Besides this, Whitney has never been into any romantic relationship yet and her father always tries to keep her away from all the arguments. She is also very active on Instagram, Facebook and other social media sites. She has 89.6k followers on Instagram and 1.5k followers on Facebook and Twitter.

Recently in December 2019, she posted a few pictures with her sister, Hailie Scott Mathers birthday’s celebration, which was seemingly the first picture that she posted after a long time since September.

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