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Michael Weiss born on May 31st is known as an American journalist and author, working as a senior editor for The Daily Beast, a consulting executive editor at Coda Story, a columnist for Foreign Policy, as well as an author and a national security analyst and contributor for CNN.

Michael Weiss Bio: Age, Early Life, Parents, Ethnicity, Education

Weiss was born in a Jewish family and educated at Townsend Harris High School in Flushing, Queens in New York City, from where he graduated in 1998. After high school he then attended Dartmouth College and graduated in 2002 with a B.A. in History.

Michael Weiss Career Details

His first job after graduation was a Columnist for NOW Lebanon and later for Foreign Policy Publication, holding both positions until May 2015. In June 2015 he joined The Daily Beast as a Senior Editor and in January 2016 he also joined The Interpreter Magazine as the editor-in-chief, holding both positions to this day. In addition to that in May 2015 he joined CNN as a Contributor, being promoted to Investigative Reporter for International Affairs in April 2017 and then once again changing titles in July 2017 to National Security Analyst while remaining with the network until this very day.

Although Weiss’ exact age remains a mystery, he seems to be in his late 30s with a large portfolio of work done over the years for all of the above listed publications and rising to fame in 2010 when Weiss criticized then British Prime Minister David Cameron for a speech delivered in Ankara where he referred to Gaza as a “prison camp”.

Then in November 2014, Weiss published a special report in the magazine The Interpreter where he accused Russia of waging “propaganda and disinformation” campaigns, something that would play a vital role in the “Russian interference in the 2016 United States elections” investigation on the election of President Donald Trump.

Then in an article cowritten with Michael Pregent back in March 2015, Weiss accused Iraqi Shia militias of committing extensive atrocities against Sunni civilians in the course of their war against thethe Levant and the Islamic State of Iraq, including war crimes he described as “burning people alive in their houses, playing soccer with severed human heads, and ethnically cleansing and razing whole villages to the ground.” In 2016 Weiss made headlines once again when he called Russia a terrorist state and said that “Russian corruption has been described as one of the country’s chief exports”.

There is no information of Weiss’ background aside from his education as details about his parents and siblings are unknown and there are no details about his physical appearance as most sources list him as a man with an average height and weight with a mixed ethnicity background.

Michael Weiss Dating History And Marriage Details

One thing that is known publicly is his love life as he has shared stories about him and his wife Amy Thirjung on Twitter, including the time they got married back in 2011. Together the couple has a daughter, Julia, but just like many other aspects of his personal life it is unknown how old she is, although he has shared many pictures with his daughter on social media.

Michael Weiss Net Worth

It is also unclear what Weiss spends his money on as there are no records of owned property or cars, however it seems he’s not living the wealthy lifestyle as sources estimate his net worth to be under $1 million.

Weiss describes himself as a reading enthusiast and passionate writer which is evident from his 2015 best-selling book “ISIS: Inside the Army of Terror” which he co-wrote alongside Hassan Hassan. Following its release, the book was then listed as one of the Top Ten Books on Terrorism by the Wall Street Journal and one of the Best Books of 2015 by the Times of London, prompting a rerelease under the name ISIS: Inside the Army of Terror (Updated Edition). Currently he is working on a second book focusing on Russia’s military intelligence agency, a subject that has attracted many eyes to his story even before release. Looking through his social media we can see that even though a majority of his posts are political in nature, he also appears to be a movie enthusiast and has a taste for political satire, often sharing memes about political stories and commenting on them.

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