Mike Ditka Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Height, Weight

His full name is Michael Keller Ditka. Michael is an American citizen. He is 80 years old. His place of birth is Carnegie. His ethnicity was mixed Irish and German.

Mike Ditka Parents

Mike’s father is Mike Ditka Sr. and mother’s name is Charlotte Ditka. He was not an only child. They were four children. The other three were Ashton Ditka, Mary-Ann Ditka and David Ditka.

Mike Ditka Education Details

His first school was St Titus School. Then Aliquippa Senior High School is the high school he went to. He pursued Dentist as a profession in University of Pittsburgh.

Mike Ditka Career Details

Mike is a football player, coach and television commentator. Throughout his career, he has been awarded several awards such as Rookie of the Year, Sporting News Coach of the Year and Hall of Fame.

His first playing opportunity was fifth position of ‘Chicago Bears’ team. This is where he began as an NFL player. Later, he played eighth position in ‘Houston Oilers’ team. After careful thought, he decided to sign a contract with ‘The Chicago Bears’. He improved his playing skills immensely wile playing here and this gave him much popularity.

He got a chance to play for the NFL Championship Team around year 1963. Four years later, he played two seasons for Philadelphia Eagles and Dallas Cowboys. For four seasons, he successfully played for ‘Cowboys Team’. He has also played a role of coach to the ‘Cowboys’, ‘New Orleans Saints’ and ‘Chicago Bears’. While as coach of ‘Chicago Bear’, the team managed to take home the ‘NFL Championship’. He secured a job at NBC Network as a sports analyst.

Before he started his coaching career, he started as a player. He played for Chicago Bears for five years. This was from 961 to 1966. In 1967, he started playing for Philadelphia Eagles up to 1968. In 1969, he later switched teams to Dallas Cowboys. He played here till 1972. A year later, he was hired as an assistant head coach for Dallas Cowboys for eight years. In 1982, he moved to Chicago bears to be the head coach for the next ten years. In 1997, he was the head coach of New Orleans Saints until 1990.

Ditka and Tom are the only people to win an NFL title as a player, assistant coach and head coach.

Mike Ditka Personal Life

He was once arrested of DUI after a game. He also suffered a heart attack in 1988 but got better. In 2012, he got a minor stroke while in Chicago. He did not take it seriously. Also in 2018, he was admitted in hospital after suffering a heart attack in Florida.

He was once approached to vie for a senate seat in 2004 but he turned it down. He has regrets about that decision.

Mike Ditka Dating History And Marriage Details

His first wife was Margery Ditka whom he wedded in 1961. Twelve years later, they legally divorced in 1973. His second marriage was in 1977 to Diana Trantham and they are still together.

Fame changes people including Michael Ditka. Margery was his high school sweetheart. Their marriage got worse after he started getting famous. He was never home. He often spent all of his time in clubs and out with clients. Despite his wife’s cry for attention and time, he never took interest in their marriage. Margery decided to file for divorce because there was no need to fight for a marriage that was already broken. In his second marriage, he cared a little bit about his family and did not neglect them as much. Although he still had his habits, at least he made an effort. His children grew distant with their father and closer to their mother since she never abandoned them. A mother’s love is always there.

Mike Ditka Kids

He has four children which he had with Margery. Their names were Mark, Megan, Matt and Mike Ditka III. His children are grown and married except his last son Matt.

Mike Ditka Body Measurements

His weight is 103 kg and his height is 1.91m.

Mike Ditka Net Worth

Mike’s net worth is $45 million.

Mike Ditka Car And House

He had a brick house worth $2.29 million from 1989 to 1997. He shared this home with his wife, Diana. It had ten rooms. He left this house after he got a job to coach the New Orleans Saints.

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