Mike Wolfe Is Happily Married With Wife Jodi Faeth. Know His Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth

Are you interested in vintage item restorations shown on the History channel? If you answer yes to this, then Mike Wolfe is someone you may have known. This person is behind the creation of American Pickers, which revolutionized picking based shows.

Mike Wolfe Bio: Age, Parents, Early Life

Mike belongs from Joliet, Illinois, he was born on June 11, 1964, making his age 55 as of now. The man grew up in Bettendorf, Iowa, and this was the place where he started picking at the age of 6. Everything started with his neighbours bicycle. A single mother raised Mike, and he is proud of it. Time and again, he has been regarded as the Jack Kerouac of Junk owing to the magic he applies on dumpster finds. Mike also takes a key interest in music.

Mike Wolfe  Career Details

Mike started young only at the age of 6 when he first encountered with the fascination of picking. He had a hard childhood as his mother had to raise three kids alone, so he started to pick as a way to earn a few extra bucks. Mike wasn’t a TV personality from the start; he had worked as a competitive racer as well as owned two motorcycle stores. He had a passion for going through the country to find the best items he can pick. Mike had been doing it for a while. In January 2010, he got the opportunity to create a show like American Pickers.

His trials of launching such a show started in 2005, but several TV channels rejected his pitch. History TV was enthusiastic about working with him, and the deal clicked. The show began in January 2010, and to date, it has had 309 episodes encompassing 21 seasons. In the show, Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz move around the USA, finding treasures from peoples backyards, unforsaken junkyards, and turns them into coveted pieces. The retail division of Mike’s business is called Antique Archaeology. To have a better studio and a more prominent place, Mike moved to Leiper’s Fork, Tennessee, from Iowa in 2012.

Mike has expanded his business over the years, and it isn’t limited to cars or motorcycles. He makes several quirky pieces, and a great thing about Mike is his love for discovering new things at uncertain places. His idea worked great for the picking community, and it inspired shows like Canadian Pickers, Australian Pickers.

Mike has also initiated a community for Kid pickers who are interested in picking and are between the ages of 7 and 13. A Kid Pickers book – a how-to guide to picking is a book written by Mike – published by Macmillan and released in 2013. He has also written another book, American Pickers Guide to Picking in 2011.

Mike’s interest in music has led him to co-produce the music album Music to Pick By, along with Brian Ahern.

Mike is a good man, and he makes regular donations to organizations such as St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital, the ASCPA, Operation Smile, and several animal shelters.

Mike Wolfe Net Worth

We can assume that Mike’s net worth is around $5 million. He has accumulated from the production of his shows and the money that he earns from running his stores. Mike is quite diligent about his work, and we think his humbleness will take him a long way.

Mike Wolfe Wife

Mike is currently married to Jodi Faeth, and they tied the knot in September 2012. They own a house as well as a shop in Le Claire, Iowa, and there is a second shop in Nashville. They share a fantastic bond, and Mike loves his wife and daughter. His social media websites are full of pictures of his family, friends, and his beloved work.

Mike Wolfe Parents

Mike has always been vocal about his hard childhood, where his mother had to raise three kids. His two siblings are Beth Wolfe and Robbie Wolfe. Mike still had a zeal to help out his mother, which initiated him in his journey with picking. He loves his mother a lot and praises her for being supportive in this journey of finding gold in the trash.

Mike Wolfe Kids

Mike has a daughter Charlie, as well as two lovely dogs. His daughter is cute and zesty, just like her dad, and Mike is preparing her to be a hunter just like him.

Mike Wolfe Body Measurements

Mike is 183 cm tall, and we estimate his weight to be around 70 KG. He looks quite handsome and well-toned for his age.

Mike Wolfe Cars And House

We cannot even guess the number of cars and motorcycles that Mike owns. But, he has been obsessed with a Harley Davidson 1937 UL for a while, as well as a 1936 Harley Davidson. Mike also has a house in Le Claire, Iowa.

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