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Mitch Grassi Bio, Age, Height, Weight Loss, Dating

Mitch Grassi is a talented singer and songwriter, who became famous through his band, Pentatonix. The five-member a cappella group is famous on YouTube as they have 13 million subscribers. Mitch also has a personal YouTube channel called Superfruit, which has garnered 2 million subscribers. However, of late, he has been trending for something far from music, his weight. Mitch posted photos of his new weight, which led to speculations on how he achieved it and why he did it. But most of his fans were truly happy for him.

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Mitch Grassi Weight Loss

Some people commented on his post, claiming that he decided to lose weight because of Travis Wright. Most people assume that Travis was abusive and didn’t like Mitch’s body, forcing him to lose weight.

However, Mitch addressed the rumors and stated that Travis had nothing to do with his weight loss decision. He said he did it for personal reasons, using several tips, such as going gluten-free.
Mitch tweeted about his weight, and many people responded. He is currently promoting body positivity through his social media platforms. He also talks about self-love and encourages people to do things for personal growth, and not to please others.

His top advice to people who want to lose weight is going gluten-free. The musician has attested that avoiding foods with gluten was his primary practice, and it worked tremendously. He also encourages people to work closely with professional health workers to ensure that they do not deprive their bodies of the necessary nutrients.

Mitch Grassi Weight Loss Through Surgery

Moreover, rumors have it that he might have had a jaw reduction surgery due to his face shape. However, he hasn’t confirmed it yet, and so it’s still unknown. Mitch feels so confident in his new body, which has encouraged many people to start their weight loss journeys.

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