Mo Elleithee Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Education, Body Measurements

Mo, as he’s fondly called is one of the top strategists ever to grace the US political space. He became a household name when he became the travelling press secretary for Hilary Rodham Clinton in her 2008 Presidential campaign bid.

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Mo Elleithee Bio: Age, Parents, Early Life, Ethnicity

Mo Elleithee is an American political strategist and contributor. He was born in New Jersey and raised in Tucson, AZ. His parents emigrated from Africa prior to his birth.

Mo Elleithee Education Details

Mo received his preparatory education from Flowing Wells High School, AZ before moving to Georgetown University for his first degree in 1994.

After graduating from the School of Foreign Service, Mo received his master’s degree from Georgetown in political management two years later.

Mo Elleithee  Career Details

With two degrees and a knack for creating top-notch campaign strategies, Mo quickly made a name for himself within the Democratic National Committee (DNC). He quickly became a voice in the party and was appointed as spokesman prior to Hilary Clinton’s bid in 2008 and 2012.

Prior to his appointments within the DNC, Mo was communications director for Tim Kaine, a former Virginia governor in his successful 2005 campaign against Jerry Kilgore.
Apart from Kaine, Elleithee has served as a strategist and spokesman for numerous personalities within the DNC.

Mo also served as spokesman for Hilary Clinton’s 2008 Presidential election bid which put him in the public eye.

He has also worked in several capacities as a PR specialist for several Democrats and organizations.
Mo’s distinguished service has earned him respect in the US political space and new appointments.

He is the executive director of a politics institute at Georgetown. Mo also has a lot of screen time under his belt in recent years. He’s been with Fox News for almost five years. Mo lends his voice on the US political landscape and remains at Fox till date.

Mo Elleithee Net Worth

Mo Elleithee has had a flourishing career as a political strategist and TV personality. Through his career, he’s been able to garner a sizeable net worth. Mo is currently worth $8.9 million according to a 2019 estimate.

Mo Elleithee Dating History

Mo Elleithee isn’t dating at the moment. The political strategist spends a lot of time with his family and hasn’t been recorded to have any extra-marital affairs.

Mo Elleithee  Girlfriend

Mo doesn’t have any girlfriend at the moment. He’s been happily married for over a decade, and there’s no sign of him abandoning his vows anytime soon.

Mo Elleithee Marriage, Wife

Mo Elleithee is married to Talia Margalit Stein. The couple exchanged vows in 2007. With a packed ceremony in Virginia, the couple undoubtedly made history.

At the time of their wedding, Muslim-Jew weddings weren’t common. But Mo, who’s still a Muslim, and Talia, a Jew, made it happen.

To make it a lot more interesting, the officiating minister of this wedding was a Catholic, former Gov. Tim Kaine of Virginia.

Mo Elleithee  Parents

Mo was born to Noura and Aly Elleithee. Noura and Aly are both Egyptian immigrants who still live in the US. They emigrated before conceiving Mo in the US making him a full US citizen.

Mo Elleithee  Kids

Mo’s marriage to Talia has been fruitful. The couple welcomed Sadie a few years back, and also has a male child right now. The couple hasn’t released their son’s name to the public yet.

Mo Elleithee  Body Measurements

Elleithee is of average height with a slightly bulky build. His precise body measurements aren’t really public knowledge right now. If we find out Mo’s body measurements in the near future, it’s certain you’d find all the info right here.

Mo Elleithee  Cars And House

Mo doesn’t like publicizing his personal life in full public glare. Apart from a few tweets about his family, most stuff about him remains unknown.

On the flip side, it’s known that Mo lives with his family in Washington and has been around the capital for at least two-and-a-half decades.

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