Moniece Slaughter Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Education, Brother

Moniece Linae Slaughter (a.k.a Kali) is an African-American actress well known for her role as one of the main cast in Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood. Before joining Love & Hip hop, Moniece was a songwriter. Some know her for singing America’s Next Top Model theme song.

Moniece was brought up in the Protestant faith (Seventh-Day Adventist). Her stepfather Dave Thomas helped Moniece shape her life. He and his music group are gospel singers who have won 10 Grammy Awards. He taught young Moniece to play drums and this inspired her to do music.

This article provides all you need to know about Moniece Slaughter.

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Moniece Slaughter Bio: Age, Early Life, Parents

33-year old Moniece Slaughter was born on 4th March 1987. She was born in LA California. Her biological father was recently identified but his whereabouts remain unknown. Moniece claims she cannot find him anywhere in real life- how sad. Her mom is Marla Thomas. Moniece has a stepdad, Dave Thomas who she loves very much.
Moniece had a rough childhood. In her Instagram post, Moniece accuses her biological father Michael Lloyd Slaughter of disrespecting her mother. He was never there for her. Things got worse when Michael Lloyd disowned his daughter for revealing her orientation. Things got so bad that he did not want anyone to associate her siblings Kyle (brother) and Lauryn (sister) with Moniece because she was bi.

For this, Moniece denied her the freedom to be in his grandson’s (Kamron) life. She loves her stepdad Dave, who has been more of a father to her and his presence is of utmost appreciation.

Moniece Slaughter  Education Details

Not much information is available about her education. But we can confirm that her highest level of education is a Bachelor’s Degree.

Moniece Slaughter Height And Weight

Moniece has a slim body with a lovely shape. She is 5 feet 7 inches tall. She weighs approximately 58kg.

Moniece Slaughter Career Details

Moniece grew up in music. Her career reached its climax when she played a significant role in Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood. Before that, she sang America’s Next Top Model alongside Tyra Banks. Moniece also wrote songs for Akon and Marques Houston. She continues to star in Love & Hip hop: Hollywood.

Moniece Slaughter Marriage Life

Moniece came out of the shadows and confessed that she is bisexual. She has a 10-year-old son Kamron Frederic with her ex, the famous rapper Dreux Pierre Frederic a.k.a. Lil’ Fizz. There have been several battles for cam’s custody but now they share it. Also, Moniece has been involved in a series of relationships. With Ray J., Scrapp DeLeon, and Money S.L. In 2015, she dated Rich Dollaz but their relationship didn’t make it past that year.

Recently, she’s had tough times since she came out to the public as bisexual. She’s had to deal with a break up with AD Diggs. Word is, when they got into a relationship, Moniece and A.D had agreed to take it easy. They wouldn’t get married or have children too soon. But six months into the relationship Moniece changed her mind and wanted children. She wanted to get married but this came as a serious commitment to A.D. She couldn’t handle it.

When AD went out to say this in public, Moniece retaliated. She bashed out at A.D in a series of accusations. Moniece accused A.D that she did not love her and that she had abandoned her son. “It was never love”, said Moniece.
Even worse, her biological father disowned her.

Moniece Slaughter Net Worth

Moniece has a net worth estimated at $1.7million. Her experience in the music industry has gathered many fans: Instagram has 1.4m followers, 208K Twitter, and 11K followers on Facebook. Most of her revenue is generated from her career on the show. She also got some good cash from Akon and Marques Houston. She has participated in other songs including Bad Bitches Do, Never Left, Riches and others.

Moniece announced that she would return to music, so we should expect some more action from her.

Moniece Slaughter Family: Moniece Slaughter’s Brother, DJ Mental Problem

In 2017, Moniece and her brother, DJ, would appear on Dr. Phill’s show in an attempt to solve a few family conflicts. Moniece believed that DJ was mentally ill. He believed that he was engaged to Rihanna! If you think that’s crazy DJ walked naked in the streets

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