Nicholas Kristof Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Height, Weight

He was born in 1959 on the 27th of April. He is now 61 years old. His full name is Nicholas Donabet Kristof. His birth town is Chicago Illinois and he grew up near a farm in Yamhill Oregon.

Nicholas Kristof Education Details

Kristof graduated at Yamhill Carlton High School. While being a high school student he was elected president of his class and was also the editor of the school newspaper. He went at Harvard where he was part of Phi Beta Kappa. While in Harvard he studied Government he also took an internship at The Oregonian in Portland and worked at The Harvard Crimson Newspaper.
After graduating from Harvard, Kristof went at Magdalen College in Oxford where he studied law. He graduated with first class honors and also won an academic prize.

In 1983 and 1984 he studied Arabic at The American University in Cairo. He got various honorary degrees during his academic years.

Nicholas Kristof Career Details

He joined The New York Times in 1984, where he first covered stories regarding economics. He then worked as a correspondent in Los Angeles, Beijing, Hong Kong and Tokyo. He managed to get promoted to editor while working at The New York Times and was solely responsible for the Sunday edition of the newspaper.

He traveled in more than 150 countries throughout his life, and he covered numerous stories from human rights to racism and death sentence.

Nicholas won numerous awards during his career. A two times Pulitzer winner for journalism. He also won an award from the Overseas Press Club and a George Polk Award for his articles about human rights and environment. He was a finalist for Pulitzer in 2012 and 2016 apart from other 5 times he managed to get to the finals in his life time.

He received the title of International Freedom Conductor for his articles about the human trafficking rings from National Underground Railroad Freedom Center. This award was also given to Dalai Lama.

Nicholas Kristof Net Worth

Nicholas’s main source of income is writing, being journalism, blogging or actual books. His long career in the industry earned him almost 4 million dollars in net worth. His annual salary is not disclosed but from averages of people working in the same field as he is it could be estimated that he is earning about 40 to 120 thousand dollars per year.

Nicholas Kristof Dating History

There isn’t any relevant information neither online or in newspapers about Nicholas Kristof’s dating live before his marriage. If any information regarding this topic arises this section of the article will be update accordingly and as soon as possible.

Nicholas Kristof Wife And Marriage Details

Nicholas married Sheryl WuDunn in 1998. Their wedding was held at St. Cloud Presbyterian Church in West Orange. Sheryl’s sister and one of Nicholas’s friends were maid of honor and best man.

Sheryl is Chinese-American. She is the first reporter with Asian-American background who wrote for Times and who was a foreign correspondent for The New York Times at their bureaus in Tokyo and Beijing.

The couple is living happily and have a son named Gregory Kristof. There aren’t any rumors about affairs or major fights between the two of them.

Nicholas Kristof Parents

His parents are Jane Kristof (born McWilliams) and Ladis Kristof (born Wladislaw Krzysztofowicz). Both of his parents were profesors at Portland State University in Portland Oregon.

His father has a polish ancestry from Poland and Armenia. Kristof’s grandparents immigrated in the U.S. after the second world war from the divided Austro-Hungary.
His father passed away in2010 at the age of 91. The funeral was held at St. Johns Catholic Church in Yamhill. As soon as any kind of information about his parents becomes available the article will be updated.

Nicholas Kristof Kids

Nicholas and Sheryl have just one son. His name is Gregory Kristof. His date of birth is unknown. He was born in Hong Kong. He got accepted into Harvard where he studied philosophy. He was two times a John Harvard Scholar. Gregory can speak both Mandarin and Spanish apart from English. Gregory also won the Thomas Wood Award for Journalism, the Detur Prize and the Lucy Allen Paton Prize.

Nicholas Kristof Body Measurements

There is no clear information about body measurements for Nicholas Kristof. From photos that are posted online with him he seems to be of average height and weight. He keeps a healthy life as there aren’t any rumors regarding Nicholas being ill or injured. As soon as new information appears the article will be updated.

Nicholas Kristof Cars And House

Information about Nicholas Kristof’s properties and assets are not known to the public. Kristof managed to keep his private life for himself and for the close family and friends. When information is disclosed about what Nicholas is owning be it houses or other assets, this section of the article will be updated.

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