Nicole Curtis And Shane McGuire Are Happily Married. Know Nicole Curtis Career, Net Worth

43-year-old Nicole Curtis came into this world on August 20, 1976. She stands 5ft. 3in. tall and weighs 56kg. She is a famous television star and host.

Nicole Curtis  Family Details

Curtis was born in Lake Orion, Michigan, to Joanie and Rod Curtis. Her parents are involved in a garbage disposal business. She has a brother named Ryan Curtis, who is a director and actor.

As a child, she already developed a great love for classic old-style American mansions. She enjoyed seeing these houses on weekend trips to cities such as Saginaw and Flint in Michigan and the different suburbs around the city of Detroit.

After high school, she did some waitressing at Hooters to get money for further education. She attended colleges in Michigan and Florida but chose to drop out and open a business.

Nicole Curtis  Career Details

Curtis started working for a realtor Minneapolis Broker. At the same time, she appeared on the show “Sweat Equity”. Curtis gained experience designing and renovating old structures. She also does charity work and established the Nicole Curtis Foundation.

Curtis became popular when she became the host of the show “Rehab Addict.” The reality show helped draw a lot of attention to her.

She has a design firm Nicole Curtis Design that she runs with Keller William. She’s working on a line of products for the home like bed sheets, pillows, shower curtains, and curtains for the windows. Everything is Made in the U.S.A.

Curtis has written two books. Her first book was “Settling the Dust: Lessons Learnt from the 2015 Esperance Fires” and the second book, “Better Than New Lessons I’ve Learned From Saving Old Homes (And How They Saved Me)”. The book tells about her private affairs, achievements, love gone wrong and provides many motivational lessons.

Nicole Curtis Career Details

Her net worth is estimated at $7 million.

Nicole Curtis  With Rehab Addict

“Rehab Addict” is a popular documentary that is premiered on October 14, 2010, and produced by Curtis. It is a reality show with one star Nicole Curtis.

Since her passion is old house restoration, she targets historic structures in Michigan and Minnesota. Most of the structures have been badly neglected. The properties are bought by Curtis and restored to their original glory.

Her specialty is looking for houses that were once grand and then restoring them economically with items purchase from discount stores, flea markets, and second-hand shops. Curtis saves classic homes that are close to being demolished.

Contractors do much of the restoration work on the houses. However, Curtis likes to take on some of the manual labor herself.

Nicole Curtis Marriage Details

Curtis was married to Steve Lane. Unfortunately, while she was pregnant with their son Ethan, Lane was charged with manslaughter. This put a significant strain on the marriage that ended in 2009.

She started a second relationship with Shane McGuire, and this union brought another son named Harper. When the relationship unraveled, McGuire took her to court, saying she was keeping him from his son.

Who Is Shane McGuire?

Shane McGuire gained popularity by becoming the boyfriend of Curtis and the father of Harper, who was born in 2015. He is now the ex-boyfriend of Curtis.

Not too much is known about McGuire except that he is a businessman. The relationship between Curtis and McGuire kept getting worse even after Harper was born. Now it has come to the fact that McGuire wants custody of the child.

Nicole Curtis Children

Curtis was still seeking a college degree in 1996 when her first son Ethan was born. She also had to fight for custody for her first son. At the time, she was married to Steve Lane.

Then in 2005, she was pregnant again with her second son Harper and in a relationship with her former boyfriend, Shane McGuire. Once again, she found herself battle for custody for her son.

Despite all the challenges, she is a conscientious mother, presently raising her sons on her own. Currently, Curtis is a single mom and is fighting a custody battle with McGuire. She lives in a renovated home in Detroit, Michigan dating from 1904.

Even though it would seem with two failed relationships and becoming a busy single mom, Curtis would put romance on the backburner. However, she has found a new relationship with Ryan Sawtelle. He is the founder and executive director of the Whitehouse Foundation.

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