Osteoporosis Disease For Women And All You Need To Know About It

There are several facts that one needs to know about osteoporosis. Most people don’t know, and in this article, we will look at the critical point about it. Also, women should learn more about osteoporosis and the different ways they can prevent the disease.

Below are some of the facts that women need to know about as per Everyday Health.

  • According to National Osteoporosis Foundation, close to 40 million women in the USA have osteoporosis; however, even men can get the disease at any age.
  • Many people call osteoporosis a silent killer
  • Even with minor structured people who have osteoporosis are at significant risk to get a bone fracture. And the most common parts that are affected are rib, wrist, hip, and spine.
  • The best method that is used to determine if a person as osteoporosis or not is bone mineral density, and it can also detect a person is at risk of getting the disease.
  • There are different factors that one cannot imagine can be that cause of osteoporosis. The factors include lack of exercise, smoking, can be hereditary or genetics, being thin or lean, ethnicity or race, eating disorder like anorexia, specific medication or drugs, hormonal disturbance, and alcohol consumption.
  • Osteoporosis has no particular treatment for its prevention. For women, the only treatment is by eating a balanced diet that is rich in vitamin D or calcium.
  • Those women who are in their late 30s should make a habit that each day they exercise for at least 30 min. stretching and cardio help allots in strengthening the bone.
  • Lastly, curve backs in people can result in bone not growing straight because of the slouchy position. As one grows older, the bone becomes porous and weak, which one is at a very high risk of getting osteoporosis.

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