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Otto Kilcher Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Married, Wife, Kids, Family

Otto Kilcher was born on 19th April 1952 in Fritz Creek, Alaska, USA. He is a 66 years old man. He falls under Aries zodiac sign and he holds an American nationality. His father’s name is Ruth Kilcher who was Senator in Alaska and her mother’s name is Yule Kilcher. He has seven siblings namely Wurtilla, Catkin, Mossy, Atz Kilcher, Fay, Sunrise, and Stellavera. He is known as a lead role in the TV reality series “Alaska” from where he got popularity and won the hearts of people by his extraordinary hard work.

Is Otto Kilcher Dead Or Alive?

There were rumors about Mr. Otto that the famous personality has been passed away. But this news was not true. It has been confirmed that the renowned personality is still alive and he is spending a healthy and prosperous life with his family. Otto is Caucasian by Ethnicity and has brown eyes and grey hair. Otto Kilcher has a healthy and fit body because he usually stays outdoor. He was very agile and active during his early age.

Otto Kilcher Early Life

In his childhood, he usually spent his time in log cabins and canyons. He used to roam around woods and forestry things. It is usually said that Otto spends his early age playing with the woods and helping his family members in household work. He also used to go farm and play with the cattle. It is famous for Mr. Otto that he first drove the cattle barefooted and he used to jump, run with the horses as well. In a very small age, he learned how to fix the things of a homestead. He could able to do all the chores of the farmhouse. In a report, it was noted that Otto is repairing his home broken things as he makes it a hobby for his time pass. He used to look after his cows, provide his family with proper meat and milk, and use those stuff that other people find useless.

Otto Kilcher Career Details

Then by his vast experience in this field, he learned how to fix the things and use the scrap in a beneficial way. Later, he became a professional mechanic and started earning money. With the passage of time, Otto made himself able to start a business named “Otto Machine” which helped him to create his fortune. After that, Otto was blessed with fame and popularity when he was offered a TV reality show “Alaska: The Last Frontier”. The first episode released on 29th December 2011. In the series, he worked with his brother Atz Kilcher with his family as well. This documentary showed the real picture of Otto’s family that how they survive in the bizarre cold land of Alaska. They use hunting and cattle farming to survive unless like the modern people who have every facility in life. This series also consists of other families of Alaska which follows the tough principals of life to survive.

His four children Eivin, Levi, August, and step-son Torrey has mechanical skills like their father in their blood. Otto Kilcher and his family can be seen working in the series and won the hearts of people. Their remarkable work in the reality series of “Roll Yuletide Roll” aired the last episode on 21st October 2018. Otto’s eldest brother Atz is a patriarch who adopts his father’s profession and led the role in the series. His roles include hunting, farming, fishing and he gathered supplies form his farm for the show.

Otto Kilcher Dating, Marriage Details

Talking about his personal life, Otto was first married to Sharon McKemie and they got split in 1987. They have two sons Levi and Eivin. After that Otto was married to Olga Von Ziegesar but their marriage didn’t retain and they were separated.

Furthermore, Otto is currently in a relationship with Charlotte and they are living together for about 20 years. They have a son named August. Charlotte has also a child from her previous marriage named Torrey which is the step-son of Otto. The couple lives with the whole family and they play their crucial roles in the show. The parents are now grandparents of their children.

Otto Kilcher Net Worth

Otto and his family have become a recognized brand in the world. They have not only earned fame and respect but also have a high level of net worth. Otto has a net worth of $4 million while his brother Atz has a net worth of $5 million. The total net worth of Otto’s family is $16 million that is earned by their profession outside of Alaska.

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