Pastry Chef Claire Saffitz Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Dating Rumors With Brad Leone

Claire Saffitz date of birth is September 16, 1986. She is 33 years old, and her height is 5ft and 4 inches and weighs proportional to her height. Her zodiac sign is a Virgo.

Claire Saffitz Career Details

She is a Contributing Food Editor at Bon Appétit magazine. She is a professional pastry chef and is very famous on YouTube. Saffitz has some fantastic recipes like her famous ‘Cherry Biscuit Cobbler.’ She participates in a lot of series on the Bon Appetit on YouTube. The most famous one is Gourmet Makes, in which she prepares a gourmet version of foods by deformulating it. Deformulation is a process in which you break down and separate the food in individual pieces to be able to check the quantity of each portion.

She worked at a restaurant named Spring for four months as an externship before moving to Canada to explore further in her area of expertise. She graduated from McGill with a Masters degree, where the main focus was French culinary history and how to use it in this modern era. In 2013. Saffitz  joined Bon Appetit and worked as a Senior Food Editor. She left this job in August 2018 but returned as a freelance recipe developer and started hosting videos, which was called Contributing Food Editor. Saffitz also has a verified Instagram account with more than 270K followers, where she shares her culinary masterpieces every day.

Gourmet  Makes debut was in July 2017, the name of the first episode was “Pastry Chef Attempts To Make A Gourmet Twinkle.” In the show, Saffitz tried to elevate popular food snacks like Doritos, Twinkies, and Gushers. Her Youtube channel Gourmet Makes had a huge fan following and is always trending on Youtube. The food Saffitz recreates is highly appreciated, and people applaud her for her efforts to recreate the junk foods into wonders of gastronomy.

Due to the success of Gourmet Makes and another show called Its Alive with Brad Leone in February 2019, three new series of Bon Appetit started airing on a streaming news channel, which gave the content a more personality driven approach. Saffitz herself starred in two of these series, namely Bon Appetit  Baking School and Making Perfect. The show also starred Andy Bharaghani, Molly Bhaz, Brad Leone, Chris Morocco, and Carla Lalli Music. Saffitz also worked in Making Perfect season 2 and made guest appearances in the show ‘Back to Back Chef.’ She can even be heard on the food cast Bon Appetit. Saffitz appeared in a cooking segment on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Saffitz is currently working on her first cookbook, which is called Dessert Person: Recipes and Guidance for Baking With Confidence, which will be published in late 2020 by Penguin Random House.

Claire Saffitz Bio: Ethnicity, Education, Early Life

Claire Saffitz was born in Saint Louis, where she spent her entire life. She was born in an Ashkenazi  Jewish household. She graduated from Clayton High School in 2005. After that, she attended Harvard University and graduated from there in 2009 with a Bachelors degree in U.S History and Literature.  After graduating from Harvard, she went to École Grégoire-Ferrandi, which is one of Frances leading culinary school to study French cuisine and pastry from Paris.

Is Claire Saffitz Dating Boyfriend Or Married Secretly?

The certified chef is not very open to the public when it comes to her personal life. Saffitz successfully kept all her details away from the media and has never confirmed any relationship. It was a rumor that Saffitz was having an affair with her fellow worker, Brad Leone, but none of them confirmed the relationship. Saffitz  plans to focus on her career as of now and want to reach the peak of her career.

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