Pat Riley Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Height, Weight, Married, Wife Chris Rodstrom

Pat Riley is known to us as a famous American sportsperson. He was a very proficient basketball player for many years and also a former head coach in the National Basketball Association and also a basketball executive of the American team. Riley has been the team president of Miami Heat Basketball Club since 2005 and also served as a head coach twice. Let us get to know about his Net Worth, married life and know more about his wife, Chris Rodstrom.

Pat Riley Net Worth

Pat initially ventured into basketball in the 1980s. and has bagged a lot of titles as a player, coach and director. All his achievements have gathered him a total net worth of $70 million and he is considered as one of the richest players of all time.

How has Pat Riley been able to make such a huge Net Worth? Riley started his basketball career when he was a teenager and he was often paid huge salaries. His net salary was $20000.

His became a coach after retiring from playing and later became the director of NBA. He was also a broadcaster and a real estate investor.

Pat Riley Is Happily Married To Wife Chris Rodstrom

Pat Riley and his girlfriend of many years, Chris Rodstrom got married in 1970 on a secluded island. They first met when Pat was a professional basketball player, and Chris was still a student at San Diego State University.

They have two children together, James Riley and Elizabeth Riley. Pat and Chris have been married for over 50 years now.

Who Is Pat Riley Wife Chris Rodstrom?

Chris Rodstrom was born in 1951 in Maryland to a Navy officer and a Navy nurse. She first met Pat in the San Diego beach in 1968. She was a student at the University of San Diego when she met the love of her life, Pat. He had already become a professional basketball player then.

After the wedding, Chris dropped out of college and she later went back to college and got a degree in psychology in 1972. She then proceeded to study and got her master’s degree in educational psychology in 1975 from Cal State Northridge.

Chris later resigned from her job as a psychologist in 1981. She gave up her career in psychology to help her husband Pat Riley Career as his private assistant. Pat and Riley have been very happy throughout their marriage until now.

Pat started playing basketball in the 1960s when he was still a teenager. He has been a part of several teams and has made a lot of achievements throughout his career. When he was a student, he played for Schenectady high school team in New York. He was also a promising athlete in college and used to play football.

Pat was offered a job as a broadcaster in NBA for the Lakers in the year 1977. After that, he proceeded and became the assistant coach for the Lakers in the year 1978 and continued till 1980 when he became the head coach. He retired from playing and worked as a television commentator on NBC for a year and became the head coach for New York Knicks. Presently, Riley is the president of Miami heat basketball that adds to his net worth.

Pat Riley Bio: Age, Early Life, Education Details

Pat Riley was born on March 20th, 1945 in Rome New York and grew up in Schenectady. As a kid, he saw his dad playing baseball. He started playing basketball in school where he put a lot of effort into perfecting his skills.

Pat Riley has worked so hard to pursue his passion and built himself a great career in basketball. He was the head coach for NBA twice and he has won a lot of awards and honours as well. Presently, Pat Riley is the president of the NBA.

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