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Patricia Chew is an anchor, journalist who is based in Hong Kong. Patricia Chew was born on 13th February 1941 in Gloucester City. She was sister to Anne Marie , William Fry, Thomas Fry and Joseph Fry. She graduated with Bachelors of Arts in Sociology from the University of Toronto-Victoria University. She died on 1ST April 2020 at the age of 79 yrs.

Patricia Chew Career Details

Patricia Chew joined CNN in 1995 which is based Hong Kong.

Before joining CNN International, Chew had worked for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC).

She hosted World News Asia, Chew also hosts numerous programmes on CNN including: CNN International’s program, Inside Asia, about current events, lifestyles and entertainment throughout Asia.

She covered the tensions that occurred between India and Pakistan over Kashmir issue, and it was looking on how the India government is going to compensate the families of soldiers who were killed in the fighting. They also looked into problems that were being faced by Pakistan’s in the hall of justice, and how the Pakistans country’s judiciary is struggling to deliver in the control of the military government. They also discussed how Pakistan was going to explore the alternatives to life behind bars, and also on how India was trying to practice freedom and farm laboring as a procedure in reformation. as a means of reform.

She also brought the story of the trial of O.J Simpason. Simpson was convicted of murder after he killed his wife Nicole Simpson and his friend Ron Goldman. He killed them by stabbing them and throwing their bodies on the street of Los Angeles. Lot of people watched the show on the TV. Simpson went on and hired one of the strongest legal team to lead him in the court proceedings.

At CNN, she brought the story of the when the legislature was meeting in the court for the final appeal. She also covered the Canadians celebrating Canada day. She also highlighted the violations that were practiced by Canadian restaurants to their customers and marketplace.

She also highlighted the story of Hong Kong citizens who were being evacuated from Chinese after a deadly outbreak hit the Chinese mainland.

She also highlighted when the citizens of Hong Kong were demonstrating over the death of the student. This was as a result of police brutality who killed the student by shooting him. A lot of activists came out with flowers and screaming to show solidarity for the Computer Science undergraduate who liked to play basketball and netball.

She also covered the story of the Economy of Hong Kong. It was the story where Hong Kong were now free from the British colonialism. This brought a new phase and a lot of changes in the country in terms of growth and development. This saw around 6 million people around Hong Kong celebrating after that. After that Hong Kong started growing with other countries coming and investing.

She also left a documentary that left many people in shock. The documentary was a about a man who was addicted to eating toilet paper.

In 2000, she was appointed the President of ORBIS International based in Asia.

In 2014, she founded Reel You which deals with marketing, digital branding. The company also created documentaries which normally explained mote of brands ranging from values, what you offer, your story, email signature among other details.

Chew also served as the Executive Director of the West Coast Environmental Law research foundation, an environmental organization which is based in Vancouver, British Columbia.

She also worked as a director at 41st Floor Films. She also acted as a Principal at Patricia and Chew Advocates.

Shew has passion on organizational development, branding, strategic planning, and communications.

Patricia Chew Net worth

She has a net worth of $6 million.

Patricia Chew Marriage Details

No one knows the husband as she has kept it away from public. Both of her parents are dead.

Patricia Chew Parents

Her parents were known as Alfred J. and Anna Fry.

Patricia Chew Kids

She had four kids: Patricia A. Chew, Theresa A. Chew, Deborah A. Paoloca and Bonnie J. Chew

Patricia Chew Body Measurements

She has a height of 1.59m and a weight of 58kg.

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