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Paula Abdul Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Dating History, Divorce, List of Boyfriends

Paula Julie Abdul is also called Paula Abdul and she is an American singer,  dancer, songwriter, choreographer, actress and a television personality as well. Paula was born on the 19th of June, 1962 just three days before the beginning of the hot summer in San Fernando, California.

Paula Abdul Education Details

Paula loves dancing and this is the reason that she began taking dance lessons when she was just eight years old. She went to the Van Nuys High School where she was a very honorable student and the head cheerleader. In 1980, Paula graduated from high school and started college at Cal State-Northridge, by majoring in TV and radio. Paula was in her college when she joined L.A. Lakers cheerleaders, where within a few months she became the head of her cheerleader team and the choreographer as well. In no time, Paula started dropping out of the college so that she could give full attention plus time to her dancing and choreography.

Paula Abdul Career Details

Her career began in 1982, and soon she was recruited by “The Jacksons” to choreograph their video “Torture” in 1984. There is a long list of videos and movies in which she choreographed until 1986. She entered in the singing profession with her very first album of her “Forever Your Girl” in 1987, which wasn’t that popular until the “Straight up” hit the record. As time passed, and her second-album “Spellbound” came up in 1991, which splashed the whole television and radio industry with no time. On the 13th June 1995, Paula’s very third-album was released which also was the hit of that time. All of her albums were brought out by the British Virgin Records which was newly formed and Paula singed too. It is been said that Paula Abdul counted up each penny of her savings so that she could appear on the singing radar.

Undoubtedly she was a great choreographer and a skilled dancer, but she struggled in becoming a singer. She worked very hard but with the help of various coaches and record producers to develop her vocal ability. Paula enhanced her career as becoming a judge in on the well-known series of American Idol (2002).

Paula began her acting career even before anything. In 1978, she appeared as a star in the American musical drama “Junior High School.” After that, she kept appearing in a bunch of TV shows like American Idol, The X Factor, Live to Dance and, up to so on. She also appeared in so many episodes of seasons like Muppets Tonight, The Wayans Bros, Hotel Babylon, Neighbors and, numerous more.

Paula Abdul Net Worth

Paula Abdul’s total net worth is $30 Million, and her salary is $2.5 Million.

Paula Abdul Supposes And Marriage Details

Paula Abdul was married to “Emilio Estevez” in 1992, but things didn’t work out among them and they separated their lives just after two years of their marriage in 1994.
The second time, Paula married to a clothing designer Brad Beckerman in 1996, but soon they divorced too right after 17 months in 1998.

Besides these marriages, Paula Abdul was in so many relationships, around eight individuals. Paula Abdul had been in relationships with Arsenio Hall (1989 – 2013), John Stamons (1990), Hank Kuehne, (2000), Colton Melby (2003 – 2004), Dante Spencer (2005), J.T. Torregiani (2007 – 2008), Jeff Bratton (2010 – 2011) and John Caprio; but now she says that she is better off without any relationship.

Paula Abdul Parents

Paula Abdul was born to Jewish parents. Her father Harry Abdul, was born in Syria, raised in Brazil and migrated to America. Her Mother, Lorraine M. Rykiss was a Jewish-Canadian and her ancestors were from Ukraine. Paula has a sister, Wendy Abdul.

Paula Abdul Body Measurements: Height And Weight

Height 152.4 cm (5 ft 0 in)
Weight 48 kg (106 lb)

Paula Abdul Kids

Paula Abdul was married twice but not for that long. She doesn’t have any children of her own.

Paula Abdul Cars And House

Car Mercedes-Benz
House Shermen Oaks, California.
Worth $1.9 Million.

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