Paula Deen Husband Michael Groover Net Worth, Age, Career, Weight Loss

Micheal Groover caught public attention after marrying Paula Deena. This odd couple is the definition of love is blind. They found each other when they weren’t looking for a life partner. At the first glance, people might fool themselves in thinking that he is teacher or a chef (considering his partner), however, he is a tug boat captain.

This southern boy was born in 1956. He is very well known for being blunt speaking his mind just like his wife, Paula Deen. This 64 year old captain have fan following himself. Besides being a tuck boat captain he is also a very successful businessman. Moreover, he made appearances on his wife’s and son’s cooking show. His wedding was telecast making him come in the public eye.

Paula Deen Net Worth

Throughout his career, he was able to be very successful and earn quite a fortune for himself. He has a total net worth of 5 million dollars.

Paula Deen Career Details

Besides being a tugboat captain, he have his own running business. He runs a coffee line business which have made quite a lot of rounds making it very popular. He wrote many books which became very popular as he appeared on his wife’s shows and spread out the word. He gained a completely different kind of audience that increased his fame.

Is Paula Deen Married To Husband?

Micheal Groover is married to the most famous celebrity chef of our time, Paula Deen in 2004 at Bethesda Academy. They are the most unlikely people to be together. Paula Deen is nine years older than her husband, Micheal Groover. This was Micheal’s first marriage, however, it was Paula’s second marriage. She first got married in 1965 to Jimmy Deen. Her first wedding was very abusive due to which she had to walk her own way.

They were neighbours when they met each other for the first time. Paula was walking with her dogs when they met. He instantly asked her out for a boat ride.

There were a number of rumours of the couple getting divorced. According to the rumours, people believed that Micheal Groover was cheating on her with a neighbour. However, the couple shut off the rumours.

Paula Deen Parents

Not much is known about Micheal Groover’s parents and his early life. He only became popular after marrying Paula.

Paula Deen Kids

Micheal Groover has no kids of his own. He have two step-sons with Paula Deen. Both of his step sons are extremely close to him and they love the fact they he makes their mother very happy. Both of the steps son, Bobby Deen and Jimmy Deen followed their mother’s footsteps. They both have their own show that were aired for a long time, however, they take the show off in order to focus on their restaurant. They also started a family catering business which was later expanded and turned into a restaurant after saving a lot of money. Besides owning a restaurant, they are also entrepreneurs and author of many cook books.

Paula Deen Weight loss

Micheal Groover along with his wife were diagnosed with diabetes. Later, they were observed with a remarkable weight loss. Paula Deen told the reporters that her family collectively decided to lose their weights altogether. They loss significant amount of weight in their first year. Micheal Groover along with his step-sons also loss visible significant weight. However, they still maintained their southern lifestyle with certain level of moderation.

Paula Deen Body Measurements

Micheal has a very strong built and he had quite a lot of weight initially. However, he lost a lot of his weight along with his family.

Paula Deen House

Micheal Groover along with his wife bought a mansion with their very own waterfront in Georgia. The house is 14500 square feet and it has a marvellous kitchen for obvious reasons. The household has a southern touch as they have their own grill and they like to barbeque now and then.

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