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Paula Radcliffe Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Height, Weighty

Paula Radcliffe is a wonderful mother and she did something which any other women will hesitate in doing. Paula Radcliffe is a runner by profession, but she did something so unimaginable that no other women will want to step into her shoes as it requires a lot of courage.

Speaking of the unimaginable thing, Paula Radcliffe a professional runner, ran one day before she was about to give birth to her first daughter on January 17, 2007. Not only this, she even ran just after 12 days when she delivered the baby. The reason for doing so is, Paula’s gynecologist suggested her to exercise as it will be good for her and her daughter. Instead of taking the small step of exercising Paula went the big road and ran even during her pregnancy instead of just lying around.

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Paula Radcliffe Dating History And Marriage Details

Paula has constant support from her husband Gary Lough who is also a professional runner. Paula and Gary were for five years before they started dating. The first time they met was at Loughborough University. After dating for some time the couple tied the knot and they got married in 2000.

In January 2008, Paula supported her argument by telling Belfast Telegraph how supportive her husband is. She stated:

I couldn’t do all this without Gary’s support. Before the New York Marathon, I don’t think I changed a nappy for about three days.

She also the support which Gary provide to her in July 2012 to standard.co.uk and said:

No, Gary is so much more than a house husband. He does have to play a lot of that role and there aren’t that many guys who would willingly do as much nappy changing as he has done. But our relationship is such that we do not take it in turns to look after the kids it is just whoever is free at the time.

The couple was blessed by a baby boy in the year 2010. They named the child as Raphael. Paula shared the news with her fans on twitter.

Paula Radcliffe Daughter

Just like her mother, Paula’s daughter also stepped into running. Her daughter Isla started training for 10 hours a week. On this Paula says,

She is very, very competitive. She’s only happy if she beats everyone in a race. But her big thing is gymnastics, which she trains for seven and a half hours a week. She’d do more if we let her. She also does one and a half hour’s running and half an hour’s tennis a week.

Paula’s daughter is very dedicated and talented just like her mother. She started receiving medals at a very early age. Little Isla won the Young Athletes Run in Worchester.

Both the mother and the daughter are all set to break all the records in running in the coming future. Paula is very much open about her personal life. But the 42 years old runner has not revealed her net income.

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