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Peter Ford, also known as Peter Newton Ford is a retired American film and movie industry professional. He was an Actor. He also founded Blackoak Development Company and managed it as the president. Peter Ford was born in February 5th 1945, Los Angeles, California, USA. He was raised by his father, Glenn Ford who was a Canadian – American Actor and his mother, Eleanor Powell who was an American actor and dancer too. As from birth and as an influence from family blood line, Peter childhood interest was in rock and roll music. It was clear evident that Peter had a great influence and passion in the entertainment industry. He attended and graduated from Chadwick High School in Palos Verdes, California in the early 1962. He advanced further studied and graduated Associate of Art Degree from Santa Monica College in 1966. He didn’t stop there, he made another step and attended University of Southern California School of Law in 1968 where he acquired B.A Degree in English. While studding, he come across a lady by the name Lynda Gunderson whom later become his wife. After his graduation from the school of law, he was absorbed and worked as an actor and singer.

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Peter Ford Career Details

Peter Ford had three distinct careers where he exceled. He was so determined to break his way through to success. The three careers include music, actor and real estate investments. In his musical career he released a single titled “Don’t Keep It to Yourself” and appareled as top 60 Billboards Pop Spotlights. During this period, he appeared in numerous TV shows alongside includes Hullabaloo and American Bandstand. Through success, he managed to form his own group and manned it “The Creation”

He also works as an actor in numerous movies and films. Some of his appearances include ‘Gilda’ where he played the role of Johnny Farrell as a child, Gazebo, Fate in the Hunter, Advance to the Rear, Pocketful of Miracles. With greater success on his way, he got employed by FOX as cast and dialogue director and also took part in the character development. Later on he moved to Photo Unit of the Las Angeles Sheriff’s Department as a reserve deputy before attaining the rank of Lieutenant in 1996.

As an enthusiastic persona, Peter and his wife Lynda starts investment that dealt with building, renovating and selling homes, through which he managed to form the Blackoak Development Company. And consultant. His success can be noted by publications and magazines traced back and one of such is Schnabel House which appeared on a Architectural Digest as one of the greatest houses in 20th century.

Peter Ford Net Worth

Peter Ford has a net worth of about 5 million dollars. He has managed to gather his wealth primarily form his film career salary and a mega boost from his real estate investments. It is clear evident that through such personality, Peter could not have missed Deals that in turn had an impact on his wealth accumulation. This is a great reward for hid constant dedication and focus to success. Indeed he is a Celebrity and for sure a role model to hundreds or even thousands of people.

Peter Ford Family Details

Peter Ford is married to Lynda Gunderson since 1970 and together they have been blessed by three kids. There first born is Aubrey Newton Ford born 1977 barely seven years after they got together, second born named Welsie Ford born 1984 and their last born Eleaner Powell Ford born 1988. During their union, he has managed to establish his father’s biography titled “Glenn Ford: A Life”. Currently the family is happily residing in Bigfork, Montana. He has been a great Dad to his three children. Ford has been a collector of America India culture and collector of movies from Hollywood’s Golden Age.

Official Name- Peter Newton Ford
Initial name- Ford
Age- 75 yrs
Profession- Actor and Investor
Spouse – Lynda Gunderson
Kids- 3 (Aubrey Newton Ford, 1977, Welsie Ford, 1984 and Eleaner Powell Ford, 1988)
Birth date- February 5th, 1945
Net worth- $5 million
Birth of place- Los Angeles, California, USA
Height – 6 ft 1 in (185 cm)
Weight -71kg
Body shape – Athletic
Eye color – dark brown
Mothers Name – Eleanor Powell ( American actor and dancer)
Father Name – Glenn Ford ( Canadian – American Actor )

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