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QVC Jane Treacy Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Height, Weight

QVC Jane Treacy was born on 28 of January 1962. She is 58 years old now. She is also a very popular because she was a host in a TV shows and she was working there for a very long term in the country that’s why she is very popular she has an experience here round about 24 years and rather than that she has a hobby of swimming , walking , biking and many more she like to do as a hobbies. Her sister name is chrissy with her she usually do exercise to make our self fit for every work. Her father and grandfather both are at the same field both are a shoemaker but she like her mother and she also believe that only her mother help him all the time when she was young her mother told her to work with QVC. Now she is married to a person and their relationship is round about of 21 years and her husband also work with QVC and her husband has 30 years of experience while working with QVC.

Jane Treacy Career Details

As we all know that according to the sources Jane Treacy working with QVC from a very long intervals of time and she was very experienced after she worked with QVC she has round about 25 years of experience while working with QVC and she also agree to work as a volunteer and also as a project. She also host a TV show which is about shoe shipping. And as we know that she was very talented so she always host a show which was totally unscripted she never host a scripted show and she work volunteerely at her girls school.

Jane Treacy Net Worth

Jane Treacy became very famous when she started hosting a show with QVC she became very popular from here when she hosts a show INFANITY and other many series and she also worked here and having an experience of 25 years with QVC and as she was working here so her salary was also from here as she was a TV personality and she was very lucky and talented because of his hard work and talent she receives a large amount of salary or a net worth for herself.

Well according to the source we have calculated the salary or income of the Jane Treacy which is about 80,000 dollars and it is not over here some times it fluctuate to 120,000 in between these it is the income of Jane Treacy per year. Along this large amount she also has more perks and benefits with that as a TV host.

Jane Treacy Dating History And Marriage Details

Well she is a married lady and she is married to Sean Treacy. She has been married to him for a long time which was not mentioned here. When she start working with QVC her husband Sean Treacy also working here so there they met and understand each other and then they realize that they should get married now. He has been working with QVC early from 1986 and he is also a vice president of QVC products after that he also make his own industry which is known as TV marketing by the name LCC in 2010 with greater than 32 years of experience in the branch of electronic marketing.

Jane Treacy Parents

Jane grandfather made shoes in Italy where he also known as Italian shoe maker and after that her father also learn the skills of shoe making from her grandfather and then start working in a shop when he was in the age from 11 to 19 but the only twist is Jane’s mother who always tell her and always motivated her to join QVC .

Jane Treacy Kids

As we know that she was married very early so she shares two daughters with her husband Sean names are Cara Treacy and Deirdre Treacy .

Cara was 21 years old and she is a dancer and also actor she also practice her dance in musical theater and Deirdre is also a dancer and a actor but she is not here she was recently gone and based in Philadelphia.

Jane Treacy Body Measurements

She is 58 years old now her height and shoe size is not available now means right information is not available now her eye color is grey and her hair color is blonde her Ethinicity is white she has having an American nationality she is married and having two kids. Stay tuned for more information we will update you time to time and very soon.

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