Rachael Maddow Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Education, Height, Weight

She was born on April 1, 1973 in Castro Valley, California in US. She is 47years old. She schooled at Castro valley High school .She joined Stanford university and pursued a degree in public policy in 1994.She has a doctorate of philosophy in politics from University of Oxford in the year 2001

Rachael Maddow Career Details

She is an American TV host and political commentator, maddow hosts the Rachael Maddow show on MSNBC

Rachael Maddow Net Worth

Rachael maddow net worth is $20 million.

Rachael Maddow Dating History

She has a partner, Susan Mikula whom they met in 1999.

Rachael Maddow Parents

Her father is Robert B. Maddow the former air force captain in United States.Robbert Maddow resigned from his work before she was born and became a lawyer in east Bay Municipal l utility District. Her mum is Elaine who was a school programmer.

Rachael Maddow Siblings

She has one brother, David .She has a paternal grandfather who is from an Ashkenazi Jews and a grandmother, a Dutch.

Rachael Maddow Kids

She has no children.

Rachael Maddow Body Measurements

  • She is 5ft 11inch tall with 65kg weigh
  • Bust size 87cm
  • Hips size 89cm
  • Bra size 38B (us)
  • She has dark brown hair and light brown eyes.

Rachael Maddow Career Details

In 1999, she hosted a radio show (100.9FM) in Holyoke Massachussetts.After this show she hosted Big Breakfast in Northampton, Massachusetts for 2 years. She then joined new air America in 2004. Here, she hosted unfiltered till March 2005.Thereafter, she The Rachael Maddow show together with David Bender. In 2008, began nightly MSNBC television program .In 2009, she went back into agreement with Air America to begin the morning show.

In October 2018, she launched the podcast Bag Man, produced with MSNBC which focused on political issues around Spiro Agnew, the vice president.

She wrote the following:-

  • She wrote the Drift: – The unmooring of American Military power in 2012 .Drift explained the functions of the military in American politics. Drift was ranked the top position of The New York Times seller list.
  • In December 2013, Maddow was announced to write monthly column of the paper in six months. On March 2018, Maddow together with Joe Dipietro wrote a crossword puzzle which was published I the New YORK Times.
  • She then wrote a book titled Blowout. Moreover, she wrote Corrupted Democracy, Rogue State Russia and the Richest.

Maddow held the following television show:-

In June 2005, she became a panelist on the MSNBC show. After elections in 2006, she was invited as guest on CNN’S Pula Zahn show and also published short –form magazine. In January 2008, she became political analyst and a panelist in the white house. In 2008, she hosted Countdown show with Keith Olbermann on MSNBC.This show was ranked the top and therefore, she was the third in Olberman’s show, world Best person.

Rachael Maddow Awards

Emmy award given in the outstanding live interview for Rachael Maddow (2017)
Emmy award in the outstanding News discussion and analysis for the An American show (2017) Emmy award in news discussion and analysis for Good Morning landlocked central Asia (2011) she was listed in magazines out 100 list of the gay men and women who moved culture (2008) she was voted as the Lesbian woman of the year in 2008
In 2009, she was nominated for GLAAD’S 20th Annual Media Awards for MSNBC show On March 2009, she received honor from California State

In April 2009, she was ranked number 4 in Magazine’s Annual power. In 1994, she received honor in Elie Wiesel Foundation

In 2009, she gained award in the outstanding Achievement in News In March 2010, she won Annual GLAAD Media awards.

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