Red Blood Cells diseases that are common

In a human blood stream the red blood cells are considered to be one of the most important and due to its present the blood maintain it is red color. It plays a very important role in maintaining the balance in our body.

As the days progress there is a challenge of increase number of blood related diseases.

Some common diseases of the red blood

Below we will look at some of the common diseases of the red blood


In malaria the mosquito is the cause of it and it involve the red blood cells. The parasite interferes with the red blood cells and it causes restriction to the growth of it thus causing harm to the overall level of oxygen in the body.

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Sickle Cell Disease

Sickle cell is one of the common disease of the red blood cells that in most cases it is known to be hereditary that can be a great threat for the patient.
It affects mostly the hemoglobin in the red blood cells thus causing hampered of the red blood cells throughout the body. Some of the common aftermath diseases includes; anemia among others.


Most women are most vulnerable with the disease and it is the most common disease related to the red blood cells. However the disease can happen to anyone irrespective of the gender and age.

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Further the disease lowers the hemoglobin level in the red blood cells thus it is known to be a medical condition. On may be diagnosed to have anemia if the count of hemoglobin is found to be less than 13.5 mg/dl for men and for women is 12mg/dl.


It is common red blood cells related that is diagnosed when it is discovered that the red blood cell count is increasing in an abnormal way. Some of the common symptoms of the disease includes; stress,fatigue,weakness,irregular blood pressure and itchiness.

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In human body when the red blood cells does not develop properly then one is diagnosed to have Thalassemia .The symptom of this disease is the fragile of the red blood cell.

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