Rick Harrison Was Married Three Times. Know His Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Kids

Richard Kevin Harrison an American businessman, Reality TV Personality and Owner of the World Famous Silver and Gold Pawn Shop, born on March 22, 1965 (age 55) in Lexington, North Carolina, United States.

Rick Harrison Bio: Parents, Early Life, Education Details

He was the third child of Joanne Rhue Harrison and Richard Benjamin Harrison who opened this famous Gold and Silver pawn shop in 1989. His Father was commissioned officer in the navy. He got his education from Taft Middle School which is the constituent of San Diego United School Districts. He was not that good in learning and dropped out during the 10th grade.

Rick Harrison Career As Businessman And TV Personality

He was born rich. His Father was a settled businessman with enough amount of money to feed upon, the very basic reason he didn’t care about his formal education as such. He continued the legacy of her father and become a successful businessperson. He started working on his father’s store at a very early age along with this he started repossessing cars at night. After 5 years of the shop opening (1981), Harrisons got things upgraded and moved the store to a new location. Both, the son and the father worked day-night hard to convert the store into a pawn shop. The basic hurdle which was in their way to upgrade the coin store into a pawn shop was issuing of license and after a lot of struggle they got the license of legal possession in 1989. By the virtue of this in 2005, Harrison and his father were loaning out about 3 million US Dollars annually, which brought them about 700,000 US Dollars in interest income. Gradually this pawn shop went growing and Harrisons started enjoying the ultimate luxuries of life.

Rich Harrison got fame from his participation in the reality TV series called “Pawn stars”. Harrison was thinking from almost 4 years of making a show about a pawn shop after his shop was featured in the show “Insomniac with Dace Attell” in 2003, but his efforts did not provide him with success. In 2008, Brent Montgomery and Colby Gaines of Leftfield Pictures came up with an idea to Rich Harrison about a reality show based in a Las Vegas pawn shop. His pawn shop got featured in this show and ultimately gained the height of kudos. Pawn stars get premiered on HBO. Harrison and his father have made an appearance in another TV show on History Channel; more specifically it was the same TV Show with production modifications. This show got popularity by attracting viewers and become the most loved and highest-rated TV program on the History Channel and 2nd best highest reality show ever. Harrison wrote a biography on 7 June 2011 “License to Pawn: Deals, Steals and My Time at the Gold & Silver.” His book reached 22nd position on “The New York Times Bestseller List” on June 26, 2011. Alongside his sons, Carey and Chumlee he made an appearance in another TV show “I lost my head in Vegas” In January 2014, Harrison became the spokesperson for the Micro Touch One Razor, personal care shaving product for men. He showed up on my channels to promote this product.

Rick Harrison Personal Life And Marriage Details

Rick got married three times as he gave divorce to his previous two wives to marry the 3rd one. His first marriage was back in 1982 with Kim which survived only three years. He got married for the second time in 1986 to Tracy Harrison and thy showed bonding as their marriage last for 25 years. After getting divorced from Tracy he ended up marrying Deanna Burditt in 2013, which was also twice divorced. It is evident from his marriage records that he is kind of a person who enjoys life without taking care of materials or one can say relations.

Rick Harrison Net Worth And Salary

Apart from the enjoyment he held his father’s legacy (business) superbly and expended it both financially and in terms of infrastructure. He used his far sight thinking capability to progress as his appearance in various Television shows speaks for it. Rick has got three children Corey Harrison, Adam Harrison, Jake Harrison. Rick is a wealthy man and an estimate about his Net Worth is around 8 Million US Dollars.

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