Ricky Berwick Personality, Disability, Age, Disease, Career, Marriage, Net Worth

Ricky Berwick was born at the most populous province of Canada ,Ontario on 23 April 1992. He was born to Barbara and Devon wiki. He is 27 years old. He is basically a Canadian comedian and social media star. The main reason of his fame is funny vlogs that he uploaded on youtube, facebook, twitter and on instagram. Ricky Berwick is a big name on instagram having followers about 254K .He has earned fame and money on instagram by uploading his memes and vlogs. He also promotes his merchandise.
His popularity is not only limited to instagram. He has 1.5 million subscribers on youtube. Wiki is confident and courgeous as he always broaden his capacities rather than limiting them. But his motto of life is

My ability is greater than my disability

Ricky Berwick Early Life

His childhood was not like that of normal children because of his health. He avoided going out of his home and till now not much is known about his early life and education. As he avoided going in gatherings during his childhood so there was deficiency of cofidence at begnning ,but with the passage of time he became a courgeous and cofident guy.

Disability Means Differently Abled

This proved Ricky Berwick Wiki to use his disability in another way. He did it and earned money and fame both through his God gifted skills and talent.

Ricky Berwickc Career Details

He first made a channel on youtube by his own name in 2007. He first uploaded his funny vlog on his youtube channel ,this was the first spark of his social media career that video is having 122 million views. His videos are entertaining and amusing and most of his videos are not more than 30 seconds long but carrying great fun. Moreover he has 254k followers on twitter and has 1.4million fans on facebook. In simple words he has made himself a dominating social media star through his talent. He has uploaded 1600 plus videos on youtube and had enertained the world through his God gifted skills and abilities. He proved it that whenever God gives someone disability He also bless the person with some extraordinary things which other normal ones lack.

Rickey Berwick And His Friends: Pets

Ricky has alot of pets mainly cats and they seems to be his friends as he spend most of his time with them.The main reason of his cat friends is basically his childhood. As during this period he used to avoid gatherings and spended most of his time with them. Most favourite cats are skinny and shaddy. He also has great affiliation with spiders so that he also used to wear the spider costumes.

Ricky Berwick Is An Entrepreneur

He is also an entrepreneur and sell his merchandise and his goodies include Ricky T-shirt, Ricky Berwick T-shirt, hoodies and many more.He earns a handsome amount of money through this. He is the intelligent guy as he did not limit his capacities to social media but he also utilize his hidden skills in entrepreneurship. He has earned fame and popularity in buisness area as well.

Ricky Berwick Disease: What Is Ricky Berwick Suffering From?

He is suffering from Beals-Hecht syndrome which is basically a birth problem. He uses the motorized wheel chair. It is also known as congenital contractural arachnodactyly a defect in fibrillin. Fibrillin is basically a glycoprotein which is a basic component of elastic fibres that are found in connective tissue which is due to a mutation in gene named FBN2. This syndrome is characterized by long arms ,toes and fingers.

Ricky Berwick Marriage Details

Ricky is not married most probably because of his personal disability. Another possible reason is his disability and much details are not known because he used to avoid the inerviews. He had made a tweet on 13th April 2018 which shows that he has a girlfriend.

Ricky Berwick Net Worth

He not only earned money through his views on social media by uplaoding his funny vlogs and short videos but with his funny acts that cause people to laugh. This cause not only simple smiling and laughing but also belly ace due to laughing. He has earned a lot through social media and through his buisness. These things collectively contribute to his net worth. Now here is the thing you guys are waiting for, lets move insight his net worth is 21 million dollars.

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