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Robert Baer Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Wife Dayna Williamson

Robert Booker Bob Baer is an American who worked as a CIA operative, an author, and an intelligence and security analyst for CNN. He worked as an Operative for over two decades, he was one of the best ground field officers in the Middle East because of his fluency in Arabic.

Robert Baer Bio: Age, Parents, Early Life, Ethnicity

Robert was born on 1 July 1952, he is 67 years old. His birthplace is Los Angeles but was raised in Aspen Colorado. His childhood dream was to be a professional skier. Baer is a fluent Arabic, native English, Persian, German and French speaker.

Robert Baer  Education Details

Baer did not perform well in his school therefore his mother enrolled him to Indiana’s Culver Military Academy. He graduated in 1976 from Georgetown University of Foreign Service. He applied to the CIA’s Directorate of Operations when he was in his final year at the University of California. He got admitted to CIA where he did a one-year training with foreign language courses and a four-month paramilitary course.

Robert Baer  Marriage Details

Baer’s first wife worked as a State Department Secretary and they have two daughters and a son together. Baer Second wife is Dayna Williamson, she works as a CIA operative.

Robert Baer  Career Details

After the CIA training, Baer started working as a field agent in the CIA for twenty-one years. He started his assignments in New Delhi and Madras and Salah al-Din in Iraq Kurdistan, Yugoslavia, Beirut, Syria, Lebanon, Morocco, Sudan, France, Tajikistan, Damascus, Paris, Khartoum, and Dushanbe. His mission in Iraq was to organize opposition to Iraqi President Saddam Hussein which was later recalled and investigated for an alleged plan to the assassination of Iraqi leader by Federal Bureau of Investigation. He also urged the Clinton administration to back an internal Iraqi attempt to overthrow Saddam Hussein which was unsuccessful. He did this while in Salah al-Din with covert CIA assistance in 1995. Baer left the agency in 1997.

Baer went into writing after leaving the CIA and his first book was called “See No Evil” which is a documentation of his experience when working for the Agency. He also describes and analyzes the Middle East through the lens of his experience as an operative for the CIA.

Baer gained a vast knowledge of the Middle East, Republics of the Soviet Union, and the Arab world as he worked as a clandestine officer. He advocated recruiting agents to increase Human Intelligence (HUMINT). He finally retired to his home in Silverton, Colorado.

Robert Baer Achievements, Books And Media

The 2005 Award-winning Warner Brothers motion picture Syriana was based on Baer’s two books See No Evil and Sleeping with Devil. George Clooney who acted as Bob Barnes, the character based on Baer won a Globe Award for the Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role and An Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor. To perfectly fit his character he gained weight which challenged Baer to lose weight and get back to shape.
Baer worked on four authoritative documentaries with Kevin Toolis who was the director and Many Rivers Films. The documentaries are beginning with the series, Cult of the Suicide Bomber I, The Cult of the Suicide Bomber II and Cult of the Suicide Bomber III on the origins of suicide bombing. In 2006, The Cult of the Suicide Bomber I was nominated for Emmy. Baer presented a film about car bombs named “Car Bomb” in 2008.

Baer also got a chance to be interviewed in the Uncovered: The War on Iraq a Robert Greenwald documentary and he participated in Lockerbie Revisited by Gideon levy as one of the main participants.

He recently wrote on Amazon.com an online foreword to Hoodwinked by John Perkins.
Baer was featured in History productions for television. These productions were “Hunting for Hitler” which ran in 2015-2017 and “JFK Declassified: Tracking Oswald”.

Baer has written five books, four books of which have emerged as New York Times bestsellers. In 2014 he wrote “The Perfect Kill: 21 Laws for Assassins” which is a personal history of modern assassination. In 2012 he co-authored with his wife Dayna “The Company We Keep” which talks about a real-life saga of Mr. and Mrs. Smith. In 2004, he wrote, “Sleeping with the Devil” which talks about the Saudi royal and its relationship with the United States. In 2003, he wrote, “See No Evil” which is about his life as a top CIA operative. In 2009, he authored “The Devil We Know”.

Robert Baer Net Worth

Author Robert’s net worth as of 2020 at the age of 67 is USD 90 Million. His primary source of income is a professional Non-fiction author and as a former CIA operative.

Robert Baer Awards

On March 11, 1998, Baer received the CIA’s Career Intelligence Medal.

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