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Robert Hawking is the eldest son of the late physicist, cosmologist, author, and professor Stephen Hawking and the latter’s first wife, Jane Wilde Hawking. Robert was born Robert George Hawking in May 1967 (age 53, Zodiac sign Taurus) (not exact birthdate is available yet) in Hertfordshire, United Kingdom; he was followed by his sister, Lucy; and then his brother, Timothy.

Robert Hawking Early Life

Robert’s childhood was a happy, but difficult one. His father started showing the early stages of his slow progressive form of thyrotrophic lateral sclerosis, (which is also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease when Robert was still very young), and he and his mother Jane were the first to witness the consequences of said illness. Both of them accompanied Stephen as his condition and his career as a cosmologist advanced.

As Stephen’s paralysis and physical and verbal limitations grew, according to his mother, Robert grew very perceptive to fulfill Stephen’s health demands and was the first person to tell whenever his father needed something.

Being the eldest son, Robert even had to take more responsibility in the care of their father than both his siblings. Nevertheless and despite Stephen’s advanced illness, Robert and him had a really close father-son relationship. Stephen himself once admitted that since his early childhood Robert had always had a deep-rooted love for science and wanted to become a scientist himself like his father.

To the date it remains unknown in which schools Robert completed either of his elementary or secondary studies, but he attended the well-known Oxford University since his early adulthood. He developed himself into a software engineering.

Robert Hawking Career Details

After graduating from university, Robert moved from the UK to the United States, and settled in Seattle, Washington for working with Microsoft. He still works for the company till this day, but he has performed jobs in Canada.

Robert Hawking Personal Life, Family Details

Robert was very close to his deceased father, who initiated the phases of his paralysis when Robert was just a kid. He inherited Stephen’s passion for science and likewise they shared a love for motorsports. They’d go watch F1 races together.

Unfortunately, Stephen died on March 14th 2018, his passing signified a hard hit for Robert’s family including his mother, who maintained a nice relationship with Stephen even after their divorce and Stephen’s second marriage.

Like with his father, Robert is also close to his mother, and they frequently visit each other as Robert enjoys travelling very much.

Robert’s younger sister, Lucy, is a journalist, educator and philanthropist; while his brother younger brother is a Brand Development Manager for the LEGO Group. Robert and Timothy share the trait inherited from their father and are fans of the Formula One racing.

As of now, Robert is married and with two children, a son and a daughter whose names are unknown to the public. Though little is known about his wife or family life since he desires to keep his private life away from the media, it is notorious they’re all living a happy and satisfying life. As of now, they live in Washington, the same state where Robert first settled after departing the UK. He is very grateful for his prosperous job, hi family and the time he spends with his children.

As small personal facts, Robert is a fan of Idris Elba and Helen Mirren. Despite his British roots, Robert likes American cuisine the most, hamburgers and tuna salad are his favorite foods. His favorite location is Virginia.

Robert Hawking  Net Worth

Robert went to work with Microsoft immediately after graduating Oxford University and is still working with them, even though his working position is unknown. His net worth is valued to be around $70,000 with which he can afford himself and his family a comfortable yet modest lifestyle.


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