Roger Ailes Sexual Harassment, Alisyn Camerota Resignation From FOX News, His Net Worth At Death

It is a heads up when it comes to a personality at the spotlight! News about harassment is not usually unusual, when it comes to the social atmosphere in the corporate world. This time, we have updates on Alisyn Camerota, CNN host, as she recounts being harassed then by Roger Ailes, a former colleague at Fox News.

About Roger Ailes

Roger Eugene Ailes, was former CEO and chairman of Fox News. He was born on May 15th 1940 in Warren, Ohio, United States. He was married to Elizabeth Tilson in 1998 until his death in May 18, 2017. This came after two previously unsuccessful stories which could have otherwise been the untold reason for the series of tales told during his professional life.

Roger Ailes Net Worth

There is no trace of him ever having an extra marital affair and he earned a net worth of $200 million dollars. He left behind a son, Zachary Ailes.

Roger Ailes Body Measurements

At the time of his death he measured 1.76m tall and weighed 104kg.

Roger Ailes House

He was able to secure for himself houses in New Jersey, New York and Florida.

Roger Ailes Parents

Born to a seeming middle class, he grew up in a broken home where his parents divorced during the early years of his adulthood.

Roger Ailes Career Details

You may like to know that he started his career as a production assistant and later on he progressively digressed into being a writer and held a political career as a Republican media strategist. The roles he played during Ronald Reagan, George W. Bush and even Donald Trump presidential campaigns were extremely significant and productive.

It might be interesting to note that Roger’s political prowess, however, enabled him gain ascendency into being CEO of FOX News as highlighted by A top notch position with probably short-lived glories.

Roger Ailes Scandals

Tarnished by several allegations of sexual harassments reported by 23 different women, Ailes witnessed in the later part of his life. Reports from and published in July 2016 support that Ailes considered stepping down his CEO position after popular speculations and following the Gretchen Carlson law suit amid others like Megyn Kelly.

Alisyn Camerota woke up to this reality by speaking out in 2017, as highlighted during her encounter with This comes after Camerota’s job changed in 2014. In her opinion, the “grossly inappropriate” attitude was the least of all that happened while she anchored with Fox news.

Who Is Alisyn Camerota?

Born on June 21, 1955 in Shrewsbury, New Jersey, Alisyn Lane Camerota is an American journalist and anchor of CNN’s morning show New Day. At 52, the media star holds a net worth of $7.5million as a result of her successful career which started off in 1998 as a correspondent for Fox News network bureau as affirmed by Celebspodium. Married to Tim Lewis, she enjoys a smooth family life at her $3million worth home in Connecticut, at New Jersey. Her union is graced with two daughters and a son after an uneasy succession of attempts to conceive.

More About Alisyn Camerota Sexual Harassment

Being a supposed victim of harassment at the Fox News workplace may not imply Ailes’ harassment was the reason behind her resignation to Fox News. Emphasis is however laid upon her giant courage in speaking up on all she endured while she worked with the man she mentioned had “the key to the future”.

Following a New York times publication in 2017, Ms. Ailes’ resignation came up as a result of ascertained findings by a law firm unveiling the ills of the former, being an object of corruption stating that he had settled 5 women with a sum worth $13 million to settle his assault allegations.

You might be intrigued to know that, in recent years, women have grown stronger over harassment situations due to the incessant number of known cases who have refused to ascend new opportunities and career heights by partaking in uncharismatic and unprofessional methods with those who believe they supposedly hold the key to every door in the future. Such was the case of the outstanding, Alisyn Lane Camerota, former Fox news host who got candid enough to speak up on Ailes’ harassment and encourages women worldwide with her “tell everybody” advice.

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