Sadik Hadzovic Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Parents, Married, Wife Chelsey Pethick Ethnicity

Sadik Hadzovic (born 8th June 1987) is a professional men’s physique athlete.

Sadik Hadzovic Bio: Age, Early Life, Parents

Born in Bosnia Herzogovina, Sadik Hadzovic fled to America as a refugee with the rest of his family at a young age. His parents were determined to find a better life in New York and their dedicated work ethic was an early influence on young Sadik.

As a child growing up in tough conditions, Sadik found escape in the world of super heroes who provided his early inspiration in the world of body building. By the age of fifteen, Sadik’s slender frame was leading to a lack of self confidence. His early fitness regimes had not led to an increase in muscle mass, and he knew that it was time to take things to the next level.

As he continued working hard in the gym, Sadik realised that in order to really progress he would need to look beyond just his training regimes and also address his diet.

Sadik moved from a diet of large meals to a diet that involved smaller and much more frequent meals. By the age of twenty four he was starting to see impressive results and decided to attempt a career as a professional body builder.

Sadik Hadzovic Career Details

Sadik’s first competition came in 2011 – the NPC Eastern USA Championship. Although he did not win, he nevertheless managed a very impressive third place finish. This, along with meeting other athletes who shared his passion, spurred him on to step things up yet again.

Just one year later Sadik took first place at the 2012 NPC Metropolitan Championship. He had well and truly arrived on the scene. He continued his hot streak by winning two out of the next three competitions he entered that year, gaining a reputation along the way as one to watch.

A second place in the 2012 NPC Junior USA Championship Men’s Physique Division allowed him to enter the Junior National Championships. Sadik took the gold at the Nationals thereby gaining his Pro Card. He had made it.

AS a fully fledged Pro, Sadik kept training and pushing himself. His first competition as a pro was the 2012 IFBB Greater Gulf States Pro where he finished an incredible second, further cementing his reputation. By 2015 he had entered eight more Pro competition, resulting in seven podiums. Results
included a first place at the 2015 Arnold Sports Festival and second places at Mr Olympia.

Sadik Hadzovic Net Worth

A combination of prize winnings as well as various sponsorships and business partnerships means that Sadik’s net earnings are approximately one million dollars as of 2019.

Sadik Hadzovic Marriage Details

In 2019 Sadik married fellow fitness enthusiast Chelsey Pethick. They do not currently have any children.

Sadik Hadzovic Parents

Sadik owes much of his incredible work ethic to his parents who fled Bosnia Herzogovena with him when he was a child and worked tirelessly to build a new life in America.

Sadik Hadzovic Body Measurements

  • Weight: 185-195lbs
  • Height 5’11”
  • Arms: 18”
  • Chest: 46”
  • Waist: 30”

Sadik Hadzovic Training

Sadik’s dedication is clear in his training schedule . He is unusual amongst his peers for not taking days off from training. For him it is a non stop, year round work in progress. Sadik trains with heavy weights and a high rep range. For cardio he trains in HIIT for thirty minutes.

Sadik’s standard training plan is as follows:

Monday: Back

Deadlifts 5X11-13
Lat pull downs 4X11-13
Bent over barbell rows 4X11-13
Underhand pull ups 3X11-13
Seated cable rows 4X11-13
Overhand pull ups 1 set to failure

Tuesday: Chest

Incline dumb bell flys 4X11-13
Incline barbell bench press 5X11-13
Machine flys 4X11-13
Bench press 5X11-13
Cable flys 3X11-13
Decline machine press 4X11-13
Push ups 1 set to failure

Wednesday: Cardio

Interval sprints (1 minute sprints, 1 minute rest, 5 sets)

Thursday: Legs

Leg press 5X11-13
Leg extensions 5X11-13
Lying leg curl 5X11-13
Donkey calf raises 6X11-13
Squats 4X11-13
Walking lunges to failure

Friday: Arms

Seated preacher curls 4X11-13
French curls (on decline) 5X11-13
Standing hammer curls 4X11-13
Tricep pushdowns 5X11-13
Heavy barbell curls 3X11-13
Seated overhead tricep extensions 3X11-13

Saturday: Abs

Cable crunches 4X11-13
Arm and leg raises with exercise ball 4X11-13
Alternating leg ups 4X11-13
Running plank 4X11-13
Torso twist with medicine ball 4X11-13
Alternating toe touches 4X11-13
Hanging leg raises to failure

Sunday: Shoulders

Dumbbell shoulder press 5X11-13
Seated dumbbell side raises 5X11-13
Seated dumbbell front raises 5X11-13
Barbell shrugs 4X11-13
Barbell standing military press 4X11-13
Standing dumbbell Arnold press 3X11-13

Sadik Hadzovic Nutrition Details

Sadik follows a Paleo diet This means no dairy and high protein and fats with a protein to carb ration of about 2:1. Sadik allows himself two cheat meals a week.

Sadik consumes between 2,500-2,750 calories per day. His typical menu plan is as follows:

Meal 1: 1/2lb lean turkey or chicken or 8 to 10 egg whites with half a cup of oats
Meal 2: 1/2lb red meat and 1 cup of white rice
Meal 3 1/2lb fish and one large potato
Meal 4: A protein shake
Meal 5: 1/2lb fish with broccoli or asparagus
Meal 6: 1/2 lean chicken or turkey or 8-10 egg whites with egg yolks or almonds

For supplements Sadik includes in his diet:

Fish oils
Whey protein

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