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Sean Hannity Wife Jill Rhodes Bio, Age, Daughter Merri Kelly Hannity, Career, Net Worth

On 27 August, 1962, Jill Rhodes was born in Alabama, she always active in school and in the community. She later attended Alabama University and received her degree in journalism. She went on to begin her career as a reporter. She is very famous writer, editor and news personality.

She was carried on as a political writer and columnist. She was also powerful herself a job at Fox News. But she gave all that up and has engrossed on supporting her husband Sean Hannity’s career. They work together to create his image and brand as a TV personality. Sean, for his part, has always attributed his achievement to the loving care of Jill.

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How Did Jill Rhodes And Sean Hannity Meet?

Jill Rhodes and Sean Hannity met at WVNN radio when they were in Alabama, back in 1991. Alabama is Sean Hannity’s wife’s home. Jill Rhodes and Sean Hannity had a analogous field of career, they developed some attraction for one another, and one thing led to another. Sources close to the couple say that Jill and Sean exchanged their thoughts via voicemails and real meetings.

A year both of them decided to turn their affair into marriage and soon later, the wedding invitations cards were being circulated to their family member, friends and colleagues. After some time, they both shifted to Atlanta Georgia.

The couple has been wedded for 25 years now and their kids are part of the happiness they share together. Their first kid named as Patrick and he was born in 1999.

Jill Rhodes House

The duo has been living with Sean Hannity’s parents, Merri Kelly Hannity and Patrick Hannity as well as their two kids in their $3.6 million 5-bedroom which is situated in Lloyd Neck, in New York, For a while now.

Apart from the estate in Lloyd Neck, they also have an exotic estate in Oyster Bay which they have owned since 2014. In July 2003, the house in Lloyd Neck was bought and was worth a huge $3.6 million.

Jill Rhodes Kids

The family blessing is balanced as Hannity and his wife, Rhodes has a daughter as well, named as Merri Kelly who was born in in 2002. Both the children are crazy about playing Tennis.

Jill Rhodes Career Details

In terms of his career, Sean is recognized as a loyal Trump supporter. He completely supports Trump’s politics and decisions. He also stands behind Roy Moore despite the sexual harassment matter he is involved in. As a conservative political commentator, Sean has established his career. Born and raised up in New York to Irish parents, he went to New York University to get his degree. But the temptation of pursuing a career in journalism early made him abandon his studies. He landed a provisional job as a radio talk show host. He made an advertisement to get his next gig, when it ended,. It was productive as he got himself a job WVNN as a radio talk show host. He finally got his break in 1996 when he got a permanent job with Fox News. In 2001, he was specified his own syndicated TV talk show, The Sean Hannity Show. Nobody could stop his star from rising as he continued to land several book deals.

In 2002, the author launched his book, “Let Freedom Ring: Winning the War of Liberty over Liberalism” and devoted to his loving wife, Jill Rhodes. He said that his most vital acknowledgment was to his loving family-the wife, Jill, Rhodes, and his two children Patrick and Kelly to whom he devoted the book to. Hannity caused a slight controversy back in 2013 when he self-confessed to a random caller on his radio show that apart from his wife, he also thought about other women. He stated that he couldn’t help notice beautiful people around him, and if anyone said that this was likely, then he was dishonest about it. Some sentiments like those made people believe that the commentator cheats on his wife.

Jill Rhodes Net Worth

The famous journalist Jill Rhodes has enjoyed fruitful career in journalism. According to source, she has a net worth of $3.8 million though her husband has a net worth of $90 million. The main source of their net worth is journalism profession. Apart from this, they have also invested in real estate even in Africa.

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