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Seth Willy Doane is an American TV journalist who is currently posted in Rome as a CBS correspondent. The talented news reporter was born on 26th June in his hometown Harwich situated in Massachusetts in the year 1978. His father Paul Doane is a proud veteran who served in the US Navy in the late 1960s. Seth is a family man and dotes on his two nieces Georgia and Lula daughters of his younger sister Sarah Doane.

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Seth Doane Career Details

Doane made his debut as a field reporter at WNYW, virtual channel 5 of the Fox television network. At that point, Channel One News, the secondary school TV system, decided to make him a spokesperson, sending him to another country for major news stories in San Salvador, Indonesia, Afghanistan, and Sudan. This job leads a young 22-year-old Seth to get nominated for the Investigative category in Emmy based on his spectacular news coverage on school security. From here he never looked back.

Shortly after that Doane was recruited by CNN and sent to cover the vast Indian peninsula as a CNN international correspondent. Here Seth discovered renowned stories and contributed for nearly a year. During his time here Seth has gathered a variety of narratives from all over South Asia. He did a thrilling piece on children solved as slaves in the faraway villages in Nepal, and he took his chance as he uncovered the life and lies of courthouses and brothels to uncover the stories of prostitutes in New Delhi.

In June 2007, CBS found Seth and assigned him back to the local territory. This time Seth took a blast as he worked on a new show, “The Other America”, this unique show documented the bitter realities faced by the people as the U.S. economy began to decline prior to the “Great Recession.” His reports brought in to open the naked truths as he filmed crowds showing up before sunrise in the hopes of free healthcare facilities. He brought a tear-jerking tale when he brought his millions of audiences inside a restaurant at the sad moment it had to say goodbye to its workers due to the economical crisis.

As an international journalist, Doane has taken several bold decisions which speak volumes for his dedication as a news reporter. During his three years as CBS News’ Asia reporter, Doane secured an extensive scope of breaking news and highlight stories over the district. China was in the limelight for building artificial islands in the South China Sea after 2014. Seth even sailed in those waters to report on China’s island making endeavors, he continued narrating details from across China on heated issues like financial matters, human rights, to the legislative affairs of the decision Communist Party. As a correspondent, he even visited North Korea twice. Seth didn’t stop here instead when he was based in Japan, he prepared to go inside reactor four at the atomic force plant in Fukushima and secured the aftermath of the seismic tremor and torrent there.

More than seventy countries have been visited by this remarkable journalist as he made historic contributions as he reported stories from the bruised borders of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, and has observed devastating events from the tsunami that hit Asia to the earthquake that rattled Haiti. He was awarded the Peabody Award for a voyage he took to Darfur, during this crucial time he managed to perform the shooting, delivering, and reporting of the compassionate circumstance there all by himself.

Doane adds to all CBS News communicates and stages and has detailed routinely for “CBS Sunday Morning,” documenting highlight pieces remembering anecdotes about gondolas for Venice or leis in Hawaii and more tough issue tales about firearm guidelines in Australia or life in North Korea.

In 2020, CBS News finalized Seth’s position as a news reporter for CBS Sunday Mornings as he was declared as the “Superb fit” by Rand Morrison, executive producer of CBS Sunday Mornings. In addition to this, the award-winning journalist has been actively manning his show 60 in 6 on CBS network where he interviewed celebrities like Bangtan boys and Sophia Lauren to name a few.

Seth Doane Awards And Nominations

Besides the prestigious Pea body award and nomination in Emmys, at the “New York Festivals,” he also received a Gold World Cup and bagged several other awards like the “Telly” Award and the “Hugo” Award.

Doane’s name had been mentioned on Dean’s List at the Annenberg School of Communication, the University of Southern California, where he earned a degree in 2000 with a BA in Broadcast Journalism with International Relations and Business Administration as his subsidiary subjects.

Doane does not believe in hiding his sexual preference and on September 6, 2014, Doane wedded his love, Andrea Pastorelli in a graceful same-sex wedding service in Arezzo, Italy at the Villa Rosa Badia Di Campoleone. The couple is happily married since then and is often spotted together in prestigious events. Seth’s spouse Andrea Pastorelli is a social activist who is part of an organization that works for children’s education in Italy.

From April 2013 until March 2016, Doane situated in Beijing, China, covering occasions in Asia for CBS News. Since April 2016, he has been situated in Rome and covering Europe, Africa, and the Middle East for CBS News.

In March 2020, Doane made headlines again as he was one of the 6 reporters who showed symptoms of COVID and declared himself as positive for COVID-19.

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