Seven ways of treating COPD lung disease

The Chronic Obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is also called emphysema. The condition causes permanent damage to the lungs and hinders the contractile ability of the lungs.


The affected persons may experience difficulty in breathing. Other sings include wheezing, breathlessness, expectoration and tightened chest. These symptoms require immediate treatment.

The natural method of treating Lung disease

The following are natural ways of coping with COPD lung diseases, which can be tried at home.

Avoid Smoking

Stopping smoking can help to cope with COPD lung disease treatment. About 90% of the COPD in patients are caused by smoking. Therefore quitting smoking can help to ease the spread of COPD. Besides, there are available therapies that can help an infected person to quit smoking.

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Physically Active

It is essential for an infected person to remain active since is it a necessary step in coping with COPD treatment. Patients who have regular exercise can control the spread of COPD. The recommended practices are gardening, walking, golfing, among others. These exercises will improve the breathing, strengthens lung muscles, and improves overall health.

Soy Foods

These are food that contains omega three fatty acids that can reduce the effect of the disease. Soy foods are so important because they reduce the breathing problem among the patients.

Herbal Treatment

Herbs are the backbone of natural treatment of COPD. Breathing and respiratory problems of patients suffering from COPD f can be suppressed by the use of hears such as ginseng, olive leaf, serrapeptase, and cayenne. Other herbs that can be used to treat COPD are; thyme, milk thistle, Echinacea and eucalyptus

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Breathing Exercises

Performing breathing exercise is vital in treating COPD patients. Breathing exercise and relaxation techniques increase the oxygen level in the body and hence help to overcome shortness of breath. A person can either consult health care profession or an expert in respiratory therapy on how to do the breathing exercise.

Salt Therapy

It is a very ordinary invention of COPD disease treatment that can have a positive effect in treating the condition. Salt therapy can help to reduce the frequency as well as the intensity of cough and the length of recovery. It advised that the patients to inhale salt aerosol that can help in cleaning the respiratory system and can help to hasten the toxin elimination process.

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Reduce Stress

Away from other health hazards, stress can alleviate the symptoms of COPD. In today’s medication, stress is inevitable, but it is possible to control the stressors. There are several methods in controlling, such as having medication, doing yoga, etc.
There are many methods with which stress can be controlled, such as taking meditation, yoga, etc.

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