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Shahs Of Sunset Cast Bio, Net Worth (2020) And Salary

The recent film ‘ Crazy Rich Asians’ is more than a great film. This allows also people to understand from the standpoint of its Asian minority groups the concept of diversity in the United States. Many programs lead to diversity in the world of TV shows.

Nevertheless, many TV stations, such as “Shahs of Sunset,” have a Persian ethnic cast. The movie focuses on a group of wealthy Persian-Americans documentary regarding their real lives. You would learn so much about their successful high-end lives, but how much do you? Know the net value, salary and sources of Sunset Cast Shahs

Shahs Of Sunset Cast Mike Shouhed Net Worth

Mike Shouhed is one of the original cast of’ Shahs from Sunset ‘ show who’s a great immobilizer. It is estimated that Mike Shouhed will be almost $8 million in net value.

There is however a disagreement about its net worth claims from different sources. Many reports suggest that the sum of 2 million dollars will be slightly lower and near. Often Mike Shouhed seemed to live with his huge web worth quite the grand life. Nonetheless, his immovable rise in 2008 in Las Vegas took him to Los Angeles. He faced a subsequent loss. He still does not know his income either as immobilizer or from the show. For two years, he was married to former wife Jessica Parido who ended her marriage because of Mike’s unfaithfulness.

Shahs Of Sunset Cast Reza Farahan Net Worth

Another important original series part. He’s openly homosexual and committed to Adam Neely, his boyfriend. Unlike Mike, Reza has made a lot of his fortune as an excellent immobilizer. The series ‘ Shahs of Sunset,’ often makes an immense salary that is undiscovered. In the start, he became a template to Middle East and homosexuals alike.

There is also uncertainty about Reza Farahan’s exact net worth. According to some sources Reza Farahan’s net value is $6 million, while others estimate the net value at $7 million.

Shahs Of Sunset Cast Golnesa Gharachedaghi Net Worth

GG is probably the most exciting cast on the Shah of Sunsets show when she moves by. She is a businessman and new to the company Her sense of business started only when the show began, before she was unemployed. Nonetheless, it has revenue and it has also been able to earn an approximate net value of almost $10 million. However, it is also estimated from other outlets to be $12 million. Mahmoud Gharacheda was born in Tehran, Iran and raised in Beverly Hills, California. She has been a manager and architect’s aunt. The actress has an explosive, combat nature and is even known to have been kicked off from many colleges. Loyola Marymount University graduated from Golnesa. Although the income of the actress from her job as an entrepreneur is unknown her pay is $150,000 a season for’ Shahs of Sunset.

Shahs Of Sunset Cast Lilly Ghalichi Net Worth

Neelufar Seyed Ghalichi is a former cast member of the’ Shahs of the Sunset’ and is known otherwise by its real name. This appears in the show in her second and third seasons. The star is also regarded as the “Persian Barbie.” The cast members of the series have both been an artist and a writer who has launched various ideas and products such as her lingerie and eyeglasses. The estimated net value of Lilly Ghalichi is about $2.5 million. Lilly studied at the McCombs School of Business, Austin University and Loyola Law School in Houston Texas. Her conservative family still faced some backlash for having left her work legal status. She had an on-off friendship with a boyfriend from Los Angeles named Ali, whom she also married but ended it after he tricked her.

Shahs Of Sunset Cast Destiney Rose Net Worth

Destiney Rose has joined the show only formally from his seventh and current season in the cast of’ Shahs of Sunset.’ She was, however, a friend of Reza Farahan and Shervin Roohparvar during her sixth season at the series. Rose is a party planner who organized Mike’s house hot-out party to reveal her pregnancy to Asa Rahmati. Destine Rose net worth perhaps has a small discrepancy with reports, which have been reported to be about $700,000 up to 1,4 million. It’s because she is a new member.

Shahs Of Sunset Cast Asa Soltan Rahmati Net Worth

Asa Soltan is also a former ensemble of the show’s Shahs of Sunset, although it still exists in the current seventh season; her presence is just a call to the crowd. The approximate net value of Asa Soltan from Shahs of Sunset is approximately US$ 50,000. She receives her wage to job as an artist and consultant from the series.

Shahs Of Sunset Cast Shervin Roohparvar Net Worth

Shervin Roohparvar is One of the new show’s leaders is another and may be replacing him now. During his fourth season, the star appeared as a companion during’ shahs of sunset’ but was only formally a part of his fifth and sixth season. He will also be on the series informally even though he is not selected for his 7th season. The gorgeous hunk, Shervin Roohparvar, is one and finds a partner for the series. Sadly nothing special had seen him yet. Shervin Roohparvar, with his salary from the series, is projected to have a net value of about $4.6 billion. In fact, his successful companies like Silicon Valley Compucycle in its computer sector contributes to his wealth too.

Shahs Of Sunset Cast Mercedes Javid Net Worth

The original show leader Shahs of Sunset is also known as ‘ MJ ‘ from his initials. She is also an immovable person with an approximate net value of almost $4 million .. Some even assume that the net value of Mercedes Javid is about $5 million. Her company’s precise pay is unknown Mercedes had self-awareness difficulties as she grew up and even took food drugs when she reached 14.

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