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Sharon Collins Bio, Age, Career At CNN, Net Worth, Married, Divorced, Education, Achievements

Sharon Collins she is a producer, writer and journalist known for her works and her write ups. Much is not known off her because of her convicted case she had in 2006. She has being with Moontrap since 1989 where she later moved to Network Earth in 1990, Nature Wake in 1993 and she is CNN presently.

Is Sharon Collins A Criminal?

The 48 years old middle age woman went to jail because of the crime she committed. Her date of birth is not known and as well the school she went.

Sharon Collins Marriage Details

In 2006, Sharon Collins living with her long term partner PJ Howard who is a millionaire. Both of them have children from their previous marriages, Sharon Collins have two kids so is PJ Howard has two. She lives a comfortable life with her partner but she was not satisfy with what she has, so she crave to have more from her partner who is not willing to willed any of his property to her nor want to marry her, she then plan to eliminate her husband by hiring a hitman from the internet where she was searching for weight loss and diet tips. She looks for a hit man and she found one. By these act alone she was caught and convicted and sentence to jail for 6 years. She was jailed on 28 November 2008 for hiring a man to kill her millionaire husband PJ Howard and two sons. The hit man’s name is Essam Eid.

Sharon Collins Early Life

Much is not known or talk about Sharon Collins.

Sharon Collins Career Details

The school Sharon Collins went to and also graduated from was not giving at the time of this review, but she a good writer in which she have some books to her credit. Some of the shows and TV host she have air can be seen below:-

  • The Headline News (TV Series) 1982
  • Network Earth (TV Series documentary) she produces 3 different episodes in 1992 to 1993.
  • The Last Battle of Vietnam she is the producer in 1993 also.
  • The Earth Summit also in 1992, she is the producer
  • What she write a special television program title In Nature’s Wake for CNN in 1993
  •  CNN News Stand a television series in 1998, she serves as a correspondent
  • She aired the Environment in 2001
  •  Nest@CNN a television documentary show where she is the person that anchor for CNN in 2002 and 2003
  • She Host the famous Georgia Outdoors television series in 2010.
  • She self host this episode title the On the Altamaha in 2010
  • She serves as the executive producer in two episodes in this television series called Georgia Outdoors in 2010 and 2011. In 2011 she serves as the producer in one of the episode.
  •  She is the executive producer of the television series title A Legacy of Land in 2011.

But to mention of a few of all what she has presented, hosted and produce.

Sharon Collins Achievements

Sharon Collins in all her days before being in castration, not any giving awards is mention or posted online.

Sharon Collins Personal Life

Not much is mention of her but she is married with two children and she is a devoiced woman.

Quick Facts About Sharon Collins

Bio: White, American
Wiki: Not Disclosed
Age: 48 years old
Career: Producer, Journalist and a Writer
Net worth: Not Disclosed
Dating: Divorced
Boy friend: PJ Howard
Parents: Not Disclosed
Kids: 2
All body measurements: Not Disclosed
Cars: Not Disclosed
House: Penthouse

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