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Sherry Sylvester is a political worker and journalist. She has worked as the communications director for both Doug Forrester and his 2005 campaign for Governor of New Jersey and also briefly for the Republican Party of Texas. Prior to that, she headed Texas Media Watch, a nonpartisan project of the Lone Star Foundation, that reported on bias in the Texas press.

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Sherry Sylvester Education Details

She graduated from Oklahoma State University. In 2005, Sylvester was named Alumna of the Year by the George Washington University. Sylvester works as the Senior Advisor to Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick.

Sherry Sylvester Career Details

Sylvester used to work as a San Antonio-based political consultant. As a political consultant, her clientele included Texans for Lawsuit Reform among others. Sylvester has won awards in multiple states such as New Jersey and Texas as a Journalist. Until 2003, She was a political writer at the San Antonio Express-News. She spent close to a decade of her career as the Chief Political Writer for the Trentonian in Trenton. Her political commentary was printed there and in other several Gannett-owned state newspapers.

Sherry Sylvester Net Worth

Net worth unknown to this writer but she has made a strong effort to keep her career alive and prosperous so one can only assume she has racked up a considerable amount throughout the years.

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