Side effects of Sickle Cell Anemia that is dangerous

Are you so curious to know all about the effects of Sickle Cell Anemia? Let’s look at them In babies they cannot be diagnosed with sickle cell anemia until they are four months old. Some common symptoms that one may experience include; headache, low hemoglobin count, low percentage oxygen’s in the lungs and fever. In nature a patient may suffer from sudden pain thus the quality of an individual life will reduce.

Effects of Sickle Cell Anemia

Most organs in our bodies get damaged which is considered to be one of the effects of Sickle cell anemia
One may have pain in the feet, toes and also swelling.

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Blood vessels are blocked a, there is no circulation of blood taking place and also pain in the hand area. In most cases it blocks blood circulation from areas like spleen, lungs and brains. Further it may lead to infection and a patient may die from disease like pneumonia and also smoking.

Development of leg ulcers

When there is poor circulation and no oxygen is circulated in the blood it may cause ulcers. Further the blood circulation in the body is poor thus it will cause ulcers around once leg thus it will make walking difficult and also in doing the daily routines.

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Have Gallbladder problems

The RBC in a person cell will be destroyed for those people who are suffering from sickle cell anemia and as results of this it will lead to the increase of bilirubin .In most cases in situation like this will lead to gallbladder problem.

There is a sad fact about the sickle cell anemia and that is it can be inherited however the parent may not have it but there child will. Most children in the US have been screened with the sickle cell anemia and immediate action needs to be taken as soon as possible.

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The eye would get damaged

In most case people might experience eye damage because there is no enough circulation of blood flow thus the brain will not get enough blood thus causing the damage in one s eye.

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