Snoop Dogg Real Name, Married Wife Shane Taylor, Age, Career, Net Worth

Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr. popularly known as Snoop Dogg was born on October 20, 1971. He is a famous American rapper, producer, song writer, singer, entrepreneur, media personality and an actor. He is also known to be the best discovery of Dr. Dre, who launched him on Dre’s solo debut album, ‘The Chronic’ in 1992. Although, his music career began in 1992 but he received fame for albums like “Tha Doggfather”, “Doggystyle” and “Reincarnated”

 Snoop Dogg Bio: Early Life, Parents

Snoop Dogg was born in Long Beach, California. His nickname Snoopy came from his mother as she thought his childhood look was somehow similar to Snoopy from the Peanuts cartoon. He was a great lover of music since his childhood. When he was in the 6th standard, he used to play piano and sang at his local Baptist Church.

Snoop Dogg Education Details

After graduating high school, Snoop was arrested many times as he was addicted to drugs and sent in prison for drug possession. Also, being in a relationship with the Rollin’ 20 Crips Gang, he was in lime-light in the cops’ eyes. After facing such circumstances, he started making music again in order to get rid of his troubles. He recorded early demos with his friend Warren G and his cousin Nate Dogg. It was only a track from one of his early demos that came to the attention of Dr. Dre. He was very much impressed by Snoop’s demo track and he invited Snoop for the audition as a key rapper for “The Chronic ” album in 1992.

 Snoop Dogg Marriage Details

Snoop married his childhood’s lucky charm, Shane Taylor. His high school sweetheart stood with him in ups and downs since 1997. This married couple has 3 children, one daughter and two sons together. Snoop is first cousins with the R&B artists Ray J and Brandy.

 Snoop Dogg Career Details

Snoop has given many hit albums back to back. His first album, the Dre-produced Doggstyle (1993) was a massive hit of 1990’s and achieved the no.1 spot on Billboard’s hip hop. The album made Snoop an icon for creating the sound that would resonate in the minds of hip-hop fans for generations.

After the success of his first album, Snoop gave a soundtrack on a short film called Murder. Snoop’s next album Tha Doggfather (1996) was launched in the absence of Dre who died in the midst of contract. The album also reached the top of the charts but commercially, its performance was not as remarkable as the debut one.

Snoop showed a great dedication and loves towards his music. He continued to make good music. His next album Da Game Is to be Sold, Not to Be Sold (1998) and No Limit Top Dogg(1999) and The Last Meal were also very popular among his fans and more than 2 million copies of his albums were sold in the market due to his popularity.

 Snoop Dogg Journey From Rapper To Actor To Reality Star

Snoop also started his acting career and appeared in many films including The Wash and Trading Day, Starsky & Hutch. He also acted on television shows like The L Word and Weeds. But, his work was appreciated by the audiences when he was casted in his own reality show, ‘Snoop Dogg’s Fatherhood’, in 2007. Viewers appreciated the work of the entire star cast of this reality show including his wife Shanty and their three children. Apart from these shows, he also starred in Doggy Fizzle ‘Televizzle’ and participated in the 2011 Comedy Central Roast of Donald Trump.

 Snoop Dogg Changing His Name to Snoop Lion

In 2012,Snoop decided to change his name as he was very much impressed by the wordings of a priest whom he met during his Jamaica tour. He suggested Snoop to drop “Dogg” from his name. He made an official announcement regarding this that he was dropping “Dogg” from his name as the Priest told him “ Your are the light, you’re the lion” Being moved by the meeting, he immediately changed his name to become Snoop Lion.

 Snoop Dogg Net Worth

As per the latest report on the net worth income of world’s most popular celebrities, Snoop Dogg’s net-worth is found to be $135 million in 2020. Hence, it would not be wrong to remark him as one of the richest rappers in the world. It is only his hard work that paid off. We should learn a lesson from him and try to be honest and self-motivated towards our job like him.

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