Some of the best ways in treating whooping cough

Whooping Cough is caused by bacteria called Bordetella pertussis and it is both infectious and contagious disease. Many people know it by the name 100-day or pertussis. One may experience a severe cough thus it is known as whooping cough. When a person sneezes or coughs they can easily spread it because it is an airborne.

Whooping cough can be treated however if it is not treated early bit can be a treat to a person life. Further the disease is preventable by vaccine but when a child is not vaccinated it results to severe coughing.

Ways to treat whooping Cough

Different methods used in whooping Cough treatment

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Preventative Treatment

This treatment is recommended for those people who are living with whooping Cough and they are vulnerable. It is mostly applied to children under 10byears,womwn during their last month of pregnancy, newborn babies people with health condition like asthma and heart failure, people undergoing chemotherapy, people with weak immune system, and infants under 12 month of age. In most cases these treatments involve the use of vaccine and antibiotics.


Vaccination is one of the most common prevention of whooping Cough. It is part of DTap,that it is mostly recommended by CDC and WHO.

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Minimizing the Triggers

When one reduces the activities other food intake can easily trigger the disease it can help a lot thus treating it would be easy.Humididier is always recommended in breathing moist air.

Home Remedies

Whooping Cough can also be treated using different hope remedies that will help in the treatment. The most common ones include ;the mixture of pure honey with some vodka, honey and raspberry liquor honey and orange juice, honey and ground pepper and


Antibiotics can also be used in treating whooping cough because it is a bacterial disease thus it is treatable. Some of the antibiotics used in treating it include; azithromycin, erythromycin and clarithromycin. It taken early the antibiotics are effective and they help curing in a very short period of time.

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Further they can also work at a later stage because it will prevent the disease from spreading to the other members of the family. Other medicines cannot work because they are not strong enough for the disease thus it specified on which to use and it is not always preferably for the children.

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