Some of the food to avoid during the Rheumatoid Arthritis

In the United States 1.3 people suffer from Rheumatoid Athritis.When one suffer from this disease one would experience pain in the joints for some months but it would disappear after sometimes.

One would suffer from red inflammations and the joints would be swollen. There would also be restrict movement and the joints will become stiff and also getting up in the morning can be a problem.

This auto immune disease can be controlled by avoiding some of the food. In order for one to understand on the food to avoid one should consider if they might have any food allergies. In most cases when one takes food that they are allergic to the pain in the joints may worsen.

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When one get a clear understanding of the cause of food allergies and eliminate them then one would have less joints pain.

Some of the food to avoid from Rheumatoid Arthritis

One should get rid of unnecessary joints pain by avoiding the following foods

Reduce or stop eating meat

As for Dr Michet he always advice those patients who have RA should stop taking meat on a daily bases.As he explains there care chemical that are release in the meat when one consumes a lot of meat that make susceptible to inflammation in the joint area.
Instead one needs to consume legumes and beans in your daily diet. One will find relief when these foods are avoided and one will be able to control the joints pain.

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Abstain from drinking coffee

According to National Coffee Association on a daily base in America one can take up to 3 cups. Researchers have also looked in to this and according to them consuming a lot of tea make one to be receptive to the development of the anti-CCP antibodies and later on rheumatoid arthritis. One should slowly reduce the intake of coffee on daily on and after some times abstain completely.

Checking on the Dairy Products Intake

In most cases those people who suffer from RA also suffer from the tolerance towards their daily products. As Dr. Millet explains, in products like milk it has antibodies and when one consumes it there is a reaction from the body and it is recognized as a harmful substance.
People suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis should lower the intake of their dairy products. When the symptoms of the disease reduce ten one can alternatively take soy milk or almond.

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