Some of the lung scarring causes that are major and one need to know

There are different names that one can call lung scarring and they include; fibro sing alveoli is pulmonary fibrosis, interstitial pneumonitis, hamman -rich syndrome and interstitial lung disease.

The disease is considered to be very serious and it involves the swelling of the tissue and the air sacs between the cells and the lungs. The lung of a person becomes stiff that an individual can experience difficulty in breathing in a normal way. There are some of the causes of lung scarring and the disease can range from being mild to fatal

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Causes of Lung Scarring that are major


After proven number of studies pneumonia has been described to be one of the major causes of lung scarring. There is the inflammation of tissues which produce scars to the lungs and also damage it.


When one is exposed to pollution and toxin mostly in the air it may results to damage and lung scarring.Inhalling dust particles of silica and asbestors,metal dust shaving are considered to be a little different that causes lung scarring and damage.

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Some of the medicine like nitiofurantoin and amiodarone are known to be medicine that causes lung scarring .They specify in the treatment of urinary tract infections.

Idiopathic Scarring of the lungs

In this situation is when the main cause of the lung scarring is not known. In most cases it is always diagnosed when the work history or the environment of the patient does not indicate clearly the cause.

Radiation Therapy

It is known to be one of the major causes of lung scarring. It mostly affect those people who have been treated with lung cancer. The damage of the disease is determined by the duration at which an individual took in radiation treatment with chemotherapy.

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