Sophia Amoruso Bio, Age Career, Net Worth, Dating History, Marriage, Divorce

Sophia Amoruso was born on 20th April 1984 as a healthy child. During her adolescence, she was diagnosed with ADHD. After that, she left school and started homeschooling. To cope up with her condition she started doing various odd jobs at Subway restaurant, book stores, record shops and also security.

Sophia struggled with her health issues but that never stopped her from becoming successful. She is a Greek-American entrepreneur and a self-made woman. She is also the founder of Nasty Gal, a female attire company.

Sophia Amoruso Marriage And Divorce With Husband

Sophia met Joel Jarek DeGraff in 2002. The couple dated for over a decade sharing mixed tapes and letters. After dating for a while they got married. But the marriage did not last for long and they eventually got divorced.

Joel proposed Sophia in 2014, by giving her a beautiful 18-karat white gold wedding ring that consisted of stones on four rows each side. Sophia was over-whelmed by this gesture of his and she immediately nodded yes and the couple got engaged.

They tied the wedding knot and were lawfully wedded as husband and wife the following year and.

As a wedded couple, they could not take the stress and pressure and her husband asked for a divorce stating that they are not meant for each other. In August 2016, the couple took a divorce and parted their ways.

Is Sophia Amoruso Dating New Boyfriend?

Joel moved on and started dating a new woman named Molly. Eventually, after the divorce, Sophia also started a new dating life.

Sophia was spotted with her new boyfriend Galen Pehrson in 2016. It was the time when she began dating him. Sophia’s boyfriend is a multi-talented person. He is a writer, director, animator, and creative strategist.

The duo is very happy in their relationship and their dating life is going well. Sophia shares her love for her boyfriend by sharing posts on social media. They attend several events together, go on vacations and spend quite a lot of time together. They are giving some major couple of goals.

Sophia Amoruso Net Worth

Her divorce with her ex-husband was a surprise which came. She faced another tragedy as her company Nasty Gal went bankrupt in 2015. The company faced a downfall because it could not cope up with the ever-changing retail prices. The company also faced various lawsuits.

Sophia tried her best to save her company from its downfall. But the company already had faced so much of loss that nothing could save the company from its downfall.
The bankruptcy did not stop Sophia’s income. The woman still makes $20 million net worth. Reports say that she made 200,000 through her book Girlboss.

Her book was also considered as a Netflix show with the same title in 2017. The story had a girl named Annie who she portrayed as her best friend.

So, detailed were the characteristics of Annie that the Girlboss’ fans thought that Annie was based on her real-life best friend. However, Sophia shed no comments on the matter.

Annie’s character was detailed so finely that the fans of Girlboss thought that the character is real and Annie is Sophia’s best friend. But Sophia made no comments on this.

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