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Stephen Moore and the Controversies Surrounding Him
No doubt, Stephen Moore is a very successful politician and businessman. Any economist that has served in the economic advisory team of any president deserves a lot of respect. However, there are too many controversies around this man that you would wonder how he rose to the top of his career in the first place. Let’s dive into Mr. Moore’s career highs and lows.

Stephen Moore Bio: Early Life

Mr. Moore was born on February 16, 1960, in Illinois, United States. He attended New Trier High School. He got his first degree from the University of Illinois, and he later received his masters in economics from George Mason University.

He is often referred to as an economist, but other economists try to correct the misrepresentation. Since Mr. Moore is yet to have a Ph.D. in the field, he is not qualified to be referred to as an economist. He is just an economic policy analyst.

He served in many positions in his career. One of them is the Fellow in Budgetary Affairs at the Heritage Foundation, a position he held from 1983 to 1987. Steve Moore is known to go against popular beliefs and opinions and support unpopular ones. For instance, he believes that the consequences of global warming are overhyped.

He is also known to have given non-factual figures time after time. It was established that Mr. Stephen Moore gave derogatory remarks about women in the past. This counted against him when President Donald Trump named him as one of his economic advisers.

Stephen Moore Career Details

In 1983, Moore became the Grover M. Hermann Fellow at the Heritage Foundation. He handled the position until 1987 when he was appointed as the director of President Reagan’s Privatization Commission. He worked with the Caro Institute for up to ten years.

He later became the senior economist of the U.S. Congress Joint Economic Committee. In 1988, he served as a special consultant to the National Economic Commission. So, he was privileged to have served two presidential commissions. Stephen Moore founded the Club of Growth in 1999. According to him, the aim of the organization is to assist Congress to elect free market and tax-cutting candidates. He wasn’t just the founder; he also served as the president from 1999 to 2004. He steered the affairs of the club towards making it the biggest single funds raiser for the Republican presidential candidate in 2003. Despite his achievement, he was forced to resign by the board.

After that, he co-founded the Free Enterprise Fund in 2005 with two other people. In 2007, he left the organization to secure a seat in the editorial board of the Wall Street Journal. For his meritorious services, he received the Ronald Reagan “Great Communicator” award from the Republican Party.

Stephen Moore Controversial Statements

  • He openly criticized the legalization of gay marriages and vowed to make sure that states that have legalized it repeal the law.
  • He ones stated that women’s tennis players are inferior to their male counterparts.
  • He wasn’t comfortable with Venus Williams earning more than men.
  • He proposed that no woman should participate in the March Madness tournament.
  • Stephen Moore once implied that men’s wages were more important than women’s wages.
  • He linked the increasing rate of divorce to women earning more and men losing their jobs.
  • This economist is also believed to be talking about his mistress in the presence of his wife and kids.
  • He was opined that the global warming effect isn’t as serious as it is pushed to be.

Stephen Moore Net Worth

Stephen Moore is certainly a millionaire in every sense of the world. He was said to have been owing his ex-wife, Allison Moore, the sum of $300,000 for alimony and child support. Remember that the figure is calculated on the husband’s earnings. He must be earning millions of dollars to owe that much. We don’t know much about his cars and house either.

Stephen Moore Personal Life And Marriage Details

Stephen Moore was married to Allison Moore, but the marriage ended in 2011. Allison complained about Stephen having an affair with Sherri Wallmark. She found out how he had been spending a lot of money on Ms. Wallmark. Stephen Moore’s philandering ways eventually ended his marriage with Allison Moore. He is currently married to Anne Carey. He has three sons. Apart from his $300,000 debt to his ex-wife, he was said to have evaded tax returns to the tune of over $75,000. The issue came up in 2018. Right now, we have a reason to assume that he has settled all his debts.

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