Steve Berthiaume Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Height, Weight

Steve Berthiaume, also known as ‘Steve “The Homer” True’, has a charming career as sports broadcaster associated with leading sports channels in America. Born in South Bend, Indiana, on 13th November, 1954, he spends his most of time as a student at the same place. Throughout his university life, he studied most of subject with no reason behind studying them.

Steve Berthiaume Education Details

While studying most of the subjects for no reason, he loved to coach tennis players. Through one of his tennis student, he came to know the top radio person, who was quite famous in the area. This fame attracted Steve so much that he decided to attend another degree program at Midwestern Broadcast College.

Steve Berthiaume Career Details

After completion of his degree, he joined radio and started his professional life.
Today, Steve is awell-known and leading play by play broadcast announcer in America. With a wide experience at a number of radio stations, he started hosting programs at television in 2005. It was then when his career makes a better turn andcast different sports events at national televisions.

Having a diverse experience of sports anchor both at radio and television, hosting sports shows, announcer and a play-by-play, Steve was selected by MLP’s Arizona Diamondbacks’ as play-by-play broadcaster with Bob Bernly as analyst broadcaster for FOX sports Arizona in 2012, for which Steve used to dream of working for. By the time he was selected by Diamondbacks, the rating of Diamondbacks and casting team gradually rises each year. Steve is in struggle to get topics with great popularity among the viewers to get most of the points for his ranking.

Steve Berthiaume Net Worth And Salary Details

From his sports casting job, he is able to make a good income since the beginning of his career but his worth starts rising in 2018 at a greater pace. In 2020, his net worth is estimated to range between $1 million and $5 million. His monthly income from sports casting is estimated around $75000. In one of his interviews, he said that his job is to make more money than an employer actually wants to give him. He further says that it’s a matter of more money for a person like Steve. Apart from his job, he has also a good income form services which he provide to different NGOs, businesses, organizations and event planners as speaker for different speaking engagements, endorsing different products, appearing as a guest either in shows or corporate events.
With a humorous behavior, Steve used to focus on things around him in great detail. He usually complements people and best moments saying “Oh Baby”. He is also known as “The Homer” True. Most of the people around him call him True most of the time.

Steve Berthiaume Body Measurements

Due to a big figure monthly income, he is enjoying a maintained life. Although he is in his 50s, he still has an astonishing and well maintained body with a height of 5 feet and 10 inches. Apart from his physic, he has great moral values both at work and home as well. Throughout his career and educational background, he hasn’t any sort of dispute in any terms.

Steve Berthiaume Marriage Details

He and his wife, Cindy Brunson, who is a sports anchor and reporter of ESPN’s SportsCenter, have a very good and smooth relationship since their marriage in…… He loves to stay close with his wife whether work or home. His wife has a great respect in his life and Steve considers her in every aspect of their married life. Steve decided to have children on the deep desire of his wife. With time, he proved himself a good father. According to him, his parents never allow him play sports and despite of a good tennis player, he was studying accounting as his major for no good reasons. This is the main reason that he allows his two children to do what they actually want or enjoy at most. Still he regrets that tennis is his favorite sport and none of his children is playing tennis or any other sport.

Steve Berthiaume Philanthropy

He is a kind hearted man. This is the reason that he usually make charities to help out people. He usually provides charity funds to religious event. His charity involvement is throughout the year since he begins his career.

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