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Steve DiSchiavi have been very active during the current lockdown. He have been sharing motivational messages to the people in the United States. This 54 year old retired homicide detective have now switched his career into a full time actor. His series, ‘the dead files’ is comprised of paranormal activities. It happens to be very popular among the scary movie enthusiasts.

He was born in New York City on May 1st, 1966. He was raised in the neighbourhood of Brooklyn. He do not have a fancy college degree. However, nothing really made his morale exhausted. He still managed to create career opportunities for himself. He managed to run his own business of private investigation.

Steve DiSchiavi Net Worth

Through massive dedication and hard work, he managed to earn himself a decent lifestyle. His current net worth is 2 million dollars. His current involvement have shown that he is not backing down and he still have his head in the game. His business and his acting are doing quite well currently.

For his acting, he earned around 35 thousand dollars. However, his series were far more cost effective as he earned 50 thousand per episode. His advertisements and branding have helped him to increase his net worth.

Steve DiSchiavi Career Details

Steve DiSchiavi did not pursue any degree from university. He did complete his matriculation in school. He did manage to have a successful career nevertheless.

He started off working at the New York police department. After a lot of hard work and dedication he landed himself a position as a detective in the homicide department. He managed to maintain a good reputation in solving many cases for 21 years.
He later opened his private company where he investigates along with his team.

He was called by the producers of the dead files where he was hired as a host along with Amy Allen. On the show, his detective skills at the New York Police Department made him perfect for the job. Also, Amy Allen, the dynamic duo made a very good team. Initially, when he was offered the job he did not take it. However, when he met Amy he was pretty convinced that he was right for the job. His fan following is pretty high and he is very well reputed in the industry.

He also opened his own private investigation company where he played the role of a senior investigator. Not many people know that he have also served in the Marines for about three years. This was before he got hired by the New York Police department.

Steve DiSchiavi Wife

Steve DiSchiavi have been spared by the brutal ways of the media and paparazzi. His personal married life have been quite a secret. However, according to his post on instagram, he did mention that he divorced Angela. She happens to be his first wife with whom he happens to have a daughter together. He lived alone for quite some time and then later planned to get married again. He married again, however, he have been very secret about it and thus not much is known about her.

Steve DiSchiavi Parents

Sadly, Steve DiSchiavi’s father passed away when he was only a teenager. He mentions that there is not a day passed that he didn’t miss him. He also hopes that he could see him today and see how successful his career is.

Steve DiSchiavi Kids

Steve DiSchiavi only have one daughter with Angela, Lauren. Lauren went out with her college boyfriend for a very long time and married him after being engaged with him for three years. Her husband happens to be a dentist and live in New York.

Steve DiSchiavi Body Measurements

He is around 6 feet tall. Further details of his specifications are unknown.

Steve DiSchiavi Cars And House

Steve DiSchiavi have been seen driving a number of fancy cars on his show including dodge and Chrysler. He owns a house in Florida and do pretty well for himself by having a luxurious lifestyle.

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