Steven Ray Tickle Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Married, Wife, Height, Weight

Steven Ray Tickle is a famous American TV celebrity. He is best known to people for his performance that he played on both Moonshiners and Tickle. Moonshiners and Tickle are docudrama series. These both have aired on Discovery Channel. People were able to know about him because of his role. He is a diversified person. And he is popular because of his whimsical activities. He was arrested several times. His childhood was also not very good. But he is a happily married man. Though he is a well-off guy, his personal life and private life has overlapped.

Let’s know about the biography, career, net worth, married life, wife, and some incident of Steven Ray Tickle.

Steven Ray Tickle Bio: Age, Early Life, Parents

Steven Ray Tickle was born on 30th November, 1976. His birthplace is Virginia, USA. He is now 44 years old. He was born to his mother. His mother’s name is Louise Eileen Tickle.

Louise now lives in rural Pittsylvania County, Virginia. Besides, she is working in Gretna.
His father’s information is not openly published in front of people. However, very little information is there about his father. His father was ill. And doctors said that he had a very short time to stay alive.

The reason for his father’s illness was Tickle was used to seek refuge in drugs like cocaine and others. After that, Tickle pulled himself and tried to quit his habits as he knew that he was being ruined. Tickle said about his family after his arrest. He also said that he has regression for hurting his family.

Steven Ray Tickle Career Details

In the early life of Steven Ray Tickle, he was a carpenter. He was very good at this service as he created many of the best construction in Washington. It was around two years; he continued his service from his residence. He felt his interest in politics at the Congress and national level. After that, Steven Ray Tickle becomes a politician who is known because of being a self-proclaimed. He ran for Congress and the US presidency in the years respectively 2012 and 2013. He has started his career in the acting stage by appearing on Moonshiners. He appeared on this episode during its third season.

Steven Ray Tickle Net Worth

It is a rumor among the people that Steven Ray Tickle has taken a salary of $1 Million. It has been estimated that Steven Ray Tickle has a net worth of $500, 000.

Why Was Steven Ray Tickle Jailed?

Steven Ray Tickle has enjoyed media attention but not positively. In 2013, Tickle was arrested in the case of drunkenness. In the complaint filed, the objection was done by a citizen that, Tickle had drunk from an open container from a parking lot. In 2015, Steven was charged for wrong deeds. He was blamed for his misdoing because he had possession of a sawed-off shotgun. In February 2016, the law went again on the wrong side of Steven Ray Tickle. Tickle was arrested because of being wrong according to the lawsuit. For possession of an illegal firearm, he was being arrested and sent to the behind of prison. However after that, he was given a suspension of around three years on 24 March 2016. But, after having released, he was re-arrested for violation of the probation of Tickle. This time while being re-arrested, he was sentenced to five-month. At that point, there was a rumor that Steven Ray Tickle died in an accident. In January 2020, Steven Ray Tickle is a free man now. His three years have ended and he is out of jail.

Steven Ray Tickle Dating History And Marriage Details

Moonshiner Steven Ray Tickle was married to his sweetheart and soul mate Carol Tickle on Saturday, October 19, 2019. Carol Tickle is a bail bondswoman. Tickle met his soul mate in 2012. In his marriage, most surprisingly, the theme of his marriage day was moonshine. The fellows who were in the marriage ceremony were Moonshiners Tim Smith, former and Moonshining partner named Howie, Henry and Kenny Law. However, in the ceremony, the family and friends of the happy couple were also celebrating from the bottom of their hearts.

Steven Ray Tickle has a daughter as he was in a relationship before his marriage. His daughter is from that relationship. In this sense, Carol Tickle is the stepmother of his daughter.

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