Storage Wars Laura Dotson Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Height, Weight

51-year-old Laura Dotson came into this world on May 16, 1968. She stands 5ft. 6in. tall and weighs 61kg. She is part of the hit reality show “Storage Wars” on A&E.

Laura Dotson Family Details

Dotson’s birth name is Laura Christine Payton. She grew up in Thousand Oaks, California. Her father, who was a mechanic, also loved auctioning. He passed his passion along to his daughter.

While attending high school, Dodson went to auctions with her father. After graduating, she worked at different jobs and finally went into auctioneering in 1988.

Laura Dotson Career Details

Dotson is an American auctioneer and has been in the auctioning business since 1988. She and her husband Dan Dotson, who also got interested in auctioning at a young age, run a full-service auction company American Auctioneers in Riverside, California.

Their company American Auctioneers participate in many different types of auctions. The company is credited with handling more than 3000 auctions and has been placed as the number one auction professionals in North America.

She became famous as an auctioneer on the reality show “Storage Wars” on A&E. Another venture is, which is an internet portal that focuses on providing self-storage auction listings all over the U.S. and Canada.

About The Show Storage Wars

Dotson became part of the reality show “Storage Wars” in December 2010. The show follows four professional buyers and their teams as they bid on storage units that have been in default.

Usually, she is the ringman and her husband Dan Dotson acts as auctioneer, Occasionally they reverse roles, Dotson’s involvement in the show got her featured on news articles in “The Washington Post,” “USA Today,” and “TMZ.”

Laura Dotson Talk Shows

Dotson has also appeared on some television talk shows like “Happening Now”, “Hot in Cleveland,” and “Fox & Friends.” She has appeared on T.V. quiz shows such as “Let’s Make a Deal.”

Laura Dotson Net Worth

Dotson’s net worth is over $3.5 million. Her husband, Dan’s net worth is over $4.5 million.

Laura Dotson Other Interests

  • Dotson loves traveling and has been to many of the U.S. states for her job. She has also traveled around Canada.
  • Her interest in cars came from her father. The first car she purchased was a 1965 Ford Shelby. She also owns a Maserati that was purchased in 2012. Her latest additions to her car collection are a Cadillac and a 52-year-old Chevy.
  • She is an avid animal lover.
  • Her favorite cuisine is Chinese.
  • Being a fan of films, she spends many evenings with her husband Dan watching movies and T.V. series.
  • Her favorite films are “Noting Hill” and “Lost in Translation” and favorite T.V. series “How I Met Your Mother.”

Laura Dotson Dating History

Dotson met Dan in 1996 when they started working together and began dating after a couple of months. They were married on August 26, 2000.

The two became business partners as well. They were also blessed with a son, but they don’t disclose much about him. From a previous marriage, Dan also brought two sons into the family, making Laura a stepmom. The family of five lives in Yucaipa California,

Their house in Yucaipa is a single-family home with four bedrooms and 3.5 baths.

Who Is Dan Dotson?

Dotson was born in San Bernadino, California, on November 23, 1962. He is an auctioneer and businessman who has been in the auctioning industry since 1974. He started being noticed when he and Laura were cast in “Storage Wars.”

His grandfather Sam Fancher worked in the Ozark Mountains of northwest Arkansas as a cattle and farm auctioneer. At the age of 11, Dan started learning about auctioneering.

Dotson was 13 when he became part of the Chino auction service selling furniture in California. At the age of 16, he joined Merl Bernard auctioneers, also selling furniture.

In 1983 he founded his own business “American Auctioneers and ran an auction house specializing in pottery, furniture, and collectibles.

Dotson was recognized when he joined “Storage Wars,” along with his wife, Laura. Worldwide fame came when he auctioned off a storage unit containing $7.5 million in cash in 2018.

He suffered a health crisis in 2014. He collapsed from a double aneurysm. His wife Laura helped him through the crisis by performing CPR and late he underwent a successful surgery. He has since resumed a normal life.

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