Street Outlaws Cast Bio, Net Worth And Salary Per Episode

Car racing is one of the things that seem cool among young people, and they take it as the best adventure ever. Some have to go to the extent of installing car racing games on their phones and computers to keep them moving in boredom. I would also say fast-moving cars seem to be the best thing ever, but do you the people who participate in the actual car racing endanger their lives? As fun as it may seem, car racing is not a healthy as it looks, but people still take a risk to take home something to eat. It is one of the well-paying jobs. I know you wonder what all the above is all about. Well, for those who have never heard of Street Outlaws or ever heard it and want to know more about it, this is the article to read. Let’s walk together through this article, and you will get to know more.

The Street Outlaws Cast

This an American Television reality show aired on Discovery Channel since 10th June 2013. The show has aired for thirteen seasons, with the thirteenth one airing from 1st April 2019. It has aired a total of 150 episodes. Now let’s go down to street outlaws cast. One by one, by one, we look at their net worth.

Street Outlaws Cast Shawn Ellington

Also known as Murder Nova, Shawn Ellington was born on 15th November 1977 in Merced, California. Growing up alongside his father, Shawn developed a great love for cars at a young age as he worked with his father at his auto shop. His racing career started after he moved to Oklahoma to pursue it in 2005. He is married to Erin, and the duo has only one child named Aiden. For each episode aired, Murder Nova takes home $20000, and his net worth is estimated to be between $ 1 million to $5 million.

Street Outlaws Cast Justin Shearer

Famously known as Big Chief, Justin was born 9th December 1980 in Louisville, Kentucky, in America. He is a TV personality and car racer who is 5ft 6inches tall and weighs 75 kgs. He surely pursued his passion in his adult age. He was married to Alicia Shearer from 20th September 2006 to 2017, and the couple was blessed with two kids, Covil and Corbin Shearer. Justin is currently dating Jackie Braasch. Justine takes home $20000 for every episode aired, and he has an estimated net worth of $2 million.

Street Outlaws Cast David Comstock

Also known as Daddy Dave, David was born 4th April 1973, in Oklahoma. He developed a love for cars at a very young age and could not wait to be 16 years to get his driver’s license. He is married to Cassie, and the two have two daughters. Taking home $20000 for every episode aired, David has an estimated net worth of $900000. All this wealth is built on his risky career, and for it is going to rise with time.

Street Outlaws Cast Kye Kelley

Kye was born on 19th May 1987 in Mississippi and grew up enjoying everything about cars. He is a self engineer who worked with an oil company before getting to car racing. He was married to his love, Alisa Mote, since 2016 but divorced after barely two years in marriage. Daddy Dave is currently dating Lizzy Musi, a professional drag racer. He is the father to Kenadeigh and Haleigh Kelley. This career is taking him well, for he gets an annual salary of $150000 and an estimated net worth of $500000.

Street Outlaws Cast Sean Whitley

Also known as Farm Truck, Sean has chosen to be secretive about his early life, parents, and siblings. He started to drive at 12 years old. He among the first cast of the Street Outlaws and has been there since the first episode. There is nothing to share as of his family. He has an estimated net worth of $2 million and takes home $20000 for every episode aired.

Street Outlaws Cast Chris Dave

There is not much to share about Chris Dave’s, famously known as Kamikaze, childhood, or even birth dates. It is only noted that he used to work with his father at their garage. Chris is one of the highest-paid members of Street Outlaws, taking home $30000 for every episode aired and has an estimated net worth of $300000.

Street Outlaws Cast Chuck Seitsinger

Chuck is also one of the members who have been in the show since it premiered. Car racing as his counterparts have always been his interest since childhood. He is currently has a net worth of $6500000 and keep information about his salary to himself.

Street Outlaws Cast Joe woods

Joe woods, famously known as Dominator, is one person whose net worth has been dominated by his skills in racing, welding, and knowledge in welding. He takes home $20000 for every episode aired and has an estimated net worth $500000. He keeps his life private as much as he can.

Street Outlaws Cast Chris Hamilton

Famously known as Boosted GT, Chris is one of the newest members of the show who came to the show in its third season. He keeps his life private as much as he can, and thus there is nothing to share about his birth dates and early life. He currently has a net worth of $300000 but has kept his salary unto himself.

Street Outlaws Cast James Love

Famously known as DOC, James has kept his life as private as he can, and thus there is nothing to share about his childhood. He only noted that he developed his love for cars as he repaired them alongside his grandfather in their auto workshop, Southwest Diesel Service. He is a mechanic graduate from Universal Technical Institute and has worked as a mechanic from 1989 to date despite being a car racer. James has an estimated net worth of $550000 but has kept his salary a mystery.

Street Outlaws Cast Jeffrey Bonnett

Famously known as AZN, Jeffrey was born on 3rd August 1981 in Oklahoma in the United States. His dad was his motivator in Mechanic. AZN and Sean Whitley have a great partnership. As of the current date, AZN has an estimated net worth of $300000 and takes home $20000 for every episode aired.

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