Street Outlaws Cast Chuck Seitsinger Was Married And Divorced. Know His Age, Career, Net Worth

He came to the lime light from a street car racing show, Street Outlaws. He has great car racing skills. He was born in Oklahoma. He is known as the racemaster of the No Prep Kings Series. Are you already guessing whom this person might be? He is no other than Chuck Seitsinger. Popularly known as Chuck, he has taken part in many competitive sports like drag racing, dirt track motorcycle and soccer. He is both a technician and an accomplished car racer – he has won drag racer championships many times.

Chuck Seitsinger Ethnicity, Family History

Chuck is white by race and an American by nationality. He was born in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA. There is no much information about Chuck’s parents, but his father also used to be a mechanic and a drag racer. Chuck has 2 siblings, female Kimberly and male Dustin. We cannot tell for sure which of the children is the oldest or youngest because Chuck appears to be a secretive man and has learn to keep is private life private.

Chuck Seitsinger Body Measurements

Chuck Seitsinger is sort of a hefty man with a height of 175 cm or 5 ft 5 in. and a weight of 98kg.

Chuck Seitsinger Bio: Age, Early Life

Chuck Seitsinger was born on the 18th of February, 1970 in Oklahoma City, OK, USA and he grew up there. He finished from Edmond Memorial High School in the year 1988. Right from age 16, Chuck was already working on vehicles for living, he said that he grew up around cars, possibly because his father was a mechanic and drag racer too. Chuck is a social media man because many pictures of him, his family and cars can be found on the internet.

Chuck Seitsinger Career Details

In 1990, Chuck joined Honda and worked as a technician. Later, he obtained a certificate as a Honda Factory Trained Technician. Finally, Chuck became a Factory Trained Service Advisor, which appears to be his highest technical achievements.
He became a cast member of the show, “Street Outlaws” which began on the 10th of June, 2013 on Discovery Channel and that show made his popularity boom beyond the local setting.

Before he became a cast member on Street Outlaws, he tried out a number of business, but did not work out. For instance, he started the Death Trap Mustang project, but the project was abandoned and was never revisited. He also ventured into the importing and sales business. He imported commodities and sold them, but he was not successful with that either. He did not relent in his endeavor in business and in the end, he became a successful business man, owning an academy known as Chuck Seitsinger Racing.

In 2004, Chuck won the NDRA National Championship and became the Rookie for that year. In 2006, he won the NDRA National Championship again. This time, he made the victory with is favorite Ford Body Mustang.

Chuck Seitsinger Dating History, Marriage Details

Was Chuck Seitsinger ever married? Yes, Chuck used to be married and had 3 daughters with her ex-wife. The names of his daughters are Chelsea Kathryn Seitsinger, Maddie, while the name of the third daughter is not known – at least her name is not available on the internet and not known to the public. There is no much information about his ex-wife, neither is the reason for the divorce known, but a rumor had it that Chuck was abusive towards his ex-wife, and the more reason why she wen to court to get the custody of the children.

Chuck has a new girlfriend, Elisa Noelle, whom he has been dating since July 19, 2018. Elisa was married too, but had to end her marriage of 12 years because it was abusive. Elisa also had 2 children with former husband.
What brought Chuck and Elisa together is perhaps because they share common hobbies. Like Chuck, Elisa Noelle also loves automobiles, with her favorite being Mustang too!

Chuck Seitsinger Net Worth, Salary

Although Chuck’s salary is not known, it appears as if the Street Outlaws show really boosted his earnings. Speculations had it that is net worth is $650,000 and that most of his wealth came from his role on Street Outlaws.

Chuck Seitsinger Car

Chuck Seitsinger drives a Ford Fox Mustang of 1989, a car he has greatly pimped to soothe his taste and lifestyle.

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