Street Outlaws Farmtruck Bio, Age, Career, New Motor, Wife, Married Life, Social Media

Sean Whitley famously known as Farmtruck is a ruthless car racer who boasts big prominence in the car racing industry. He does not go for the fancy cars but loves the customized but undermined average looking vehicles.

Farmtruck Bio: Age,Parents, Early Life

It is public knowledge that Sean was born in the USA. Though information about his date of birth and parents is still to be revealed, much is known about his boyhood.

The Street Outlaws cast member, Sean, showed a passion for fast driving at a very young age. Farmtruck used his mum`s 1974 Dodge Dart to acquire his driving prowess. At age 12 he was already exhibiting signs of being obsessed with trucks. Many attribute his peculiar truck obsession to the memories of his father`s 1956 Ford Pickup he used to drive as well during his childhood days. Car racing was indeed in his veins since childhood for, in his teenage years, Farmtruck`s face grew popular for standing amid quick cars on Route 66 with a flashlight overhead as he commanded the start of races.

Farmtruck Career

Sean’s nickname, Farmtruck, was derived from his affection for trucks. The deep love of trucks made Farmtruck buy his first car which is a 1970 Ford Camper Special truck. It was the arrival of this monster car which started the street racing career of Farmtruck.

Because of the huge size of the 1970 Chevy Long Bed Truck many competitors underestimated the truck to their detriment. It was his remarkable winning record that got him a place in the famous Street Outlaws TV reality series. Farmtruck is gifted with pressing the accelerator pedal behind the wheel whilst his best friend AZN will be cheering and smack-talking opponents. The duo has won many races to the surprise of many. The modified 1970 Ford Chevy C10 truck is one of the quickest and has been featured on many spinoffs ON Street Outlaws including Crash Course, Thick as Rubber, and Fish.

FarmTruck is greatly fond of his “fishing” strategy; a tactic he describes as attracting unwary drivers into racing for money by complementing their cars and downplaying his Farmtruck’s power.

The adrenaline rush lover likes to catch his opponents by surprise. Sean is known for partnering with Jeff Bonnet famously AZN and they have both won a considerable number of races on the Discovery Channel aired racing TV series “Street Outlaws”.

The audacious car racer is among the celebrity list of those who keep a low profile when it comes to their private lives. Let`s navigate his life as we have dug deep to uncover some of his secretive details.

Farmtruck Dating History, Girlfriend, Wife, Kids

Making the record straight, Sean and Jeff`s friendship is restricted to a purely professional partnership only and does not cross over to the erotic love zone. Contrary to gay rumors spreading around, Farmtruck is married as he has disclosed on several occasions on the Street Outlaw show. However, there are no full details of his marriage because the secretive Street Outlaw’s fast car racer is not generous with his personal love life either.

Farmtruck Social Media Presence

The drag racer is also active on various social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter. His Facebook page with AZN “Farmtruck and AZN” has a whopping following of greater than 2.7 million fans.

Farmtruck Net Worth

Farmtruck is estimated to be about US$ 2 million worth. Thanks to his hefty salary which is thought to be around $20 000 per episode, his proceeds from winning races and his business endeavors. The American TV personality, Farmtruck, together owns a merchandise store in Oklahoma. The ‘FNA Merch Store’ sells various products including vehicle parts, T-shirts, caps, and decals.

Farmtruck Cars And House

Farmtruck is not known for amassing many cars but revamping his 1970 Chev Truck. He recently upgraded it with a 632 big block Chevy motor making it a very fast car bullying many fancy cars of other heroic street racers.

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